4 habits – causes of obesity

There are many harmful eating habits, but only four of them play a crucial role. It depends on these four circumstances whether you are thin or full, healthy or with chronic diseases.

You can try to justify any bad habit with your lifestyle, but this will not make it any less harmful. Bad habits can not indulge, they lead to obesity and dangerous diseases. For example, in a stressful situation, a person can intuitively reach for a pack of chips and feel better after it is absorbed. Salty and sweet foods change hormones and make you feel calmer, but this is just an illusion.

Mankind is subject to a lot of bad eating habits, they are acquired consciously or unconsciously. These four habits will be the most dangerous, indulging them leads to obesity and chronic diseases. It will be difficult to wean yourself away from these habits, but this can be done in just a week.

Empty snacks

The habit of snacking on foods with empty calories inevitably leads to obesity. Having bought a pack of chips or other snacks, a person always eats it to the end, in a small pack there are about 200 calories. Immediately after the absorption of empty calories, you will again feel hunger and you will want to eat something else.

To abandon empty snacks you need to go to hearty and healthy snacks. As an alternative to traditional potato chips, you can choose cabbage chips Keil, they are not roasted in oil, you can buy them or cook yourself in the oven with the addition of your favorite spices.

A good snack contains a lot of dietary fiber, fiber slows down digestion and allows you to be full for a long time.


Dependence on sugars is comparable to the drug, get rid of it overnight will not work. It is necessary to reduce the amount of lemonade gradually, then the craving for sweets will ease painlessly. In lemonade there is not only sugar, but also artificial sweeteners, they are addictive.

As the amount of lemonade decreases, you need to increase the amount of fruit in your diet. Thus, the body will be tuned to receive sugars from natural products.


Drinking alcohol becomes a bad habit in the absence of moderation. If, on average, more than one alcoholic drink is drunk per day, this will greatly affect the beauty and health of the figure.

Alcohol will not cause obesity, if you limit its use at once a week and pay attention to the caloric content of alcoholic beverages.

Coffee drinks

Coffee seems to be a harmless drink in terms of overweight, few people appreciate the real caloric content of coffee drinks. Cream or milk, sugar or syrups, as well as sprinkles in the form of chocolate or marshmallows make a serving of coffee more high-calorie than a standard meal.

In order to drink coffee and not get fat, you need to give up sugar, syrup and sprinkles. If you can not drink coffee without milk, then give preference to whole and not skim. Whole milk contains more calories, but it makes coffee a hearty drink, after drinking which will not be followed by an outbreak of uncontrollable hunger.


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