12 myths about diets

Many men and women suffering from excess weight give up on diets. They strictly follows all the rules of the systems of weight loss, but the lost weight back. To understand the reasons for this allows the debunking of myths about diets. What misconceptions about the effectiveness of any method of weight loss through short-term changes in diet leads to the fact that weight gone again typed.

The contents

  • 1 1. Separate meals
  • 2 2. Kremlin diet
  • 3 3. Mono
  • 4 4. The secret harmony of Japanese women
  • 5 5. On the basis of blood group
  • 6 6. Slimming chocolate
  • 7 7. Refusal of food in the evening
  • 8 8. The “color” diet
  • 9 9. Replace food with pills, herbs and other drugs
  • 10 10. Eat and lose weight
  • 11 11. Useful foods you can eat plenty of
  • 12 12. The rest are a hindrance to weight loss

1. Separate meals

Why should it be effective? This system involves the use of separate protein and carbohydrate products. It is based on the fact that the combination of such food is bad for digestion. If in the intestine both proteins and carbohydrates, they begin to rot as a result of the fermentation process. Products are poorly digested and absorbed, the formation of fats from carbohydrates, which are deposited in the extra pounds. To avoid this, the diet offers are the protein and carbohydrate food separately.

What is the reality? Digestion is a process that requires the mandatory involvement of certain enzymes. The latter are present in every human body. They allow you to digest foods completely in any combination. Fermentation, which unknowingly is feared by many in the intestines is absolutely normal process. Problems with digestion and the deposition of body fat is not due to mixing proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and due to improper ratio. In addition, even in the carbohydrate foods provide the protein, for example, 100 grams of bread the amount is 9 grams.

2. Kremlin diet

What is? Similar to the system of separation of power. It is based on compiling a diet mainly of protein products. The menu consists of meat, cheese, beans, fish. Carbohydrates, which include vegetables, rice, fruits, are minimized. To motivate dieters to adhere to this system, diet involves the accrual of points.

Is it really effective? Protein-rich foods are very good for the body, but they are pretty much loaded the body. Diet system for weight loss is contraindicated in people who suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system, liver and kidneys. This means that you need to control the amount of protein in the diet. Otherwise you can seriously harm your health.

3. Mono

What is different from the others? These diets got its name due to the fact that the person is asked to eat only one low calorie food. It can be vegetables, buckwheat, vegetable soups, yogurt. Such a diet adhere, yet not lose the desired amount of pounds. Achieve the goal determines the duration of the mono.

What is the reality? The abrupt change of diet leads to the fact that the body starts to experience serious stress. He gets the signal that ceases to flow from the outside source of energy. The body start to block fats that are kept in reserve and used last. Pounds are being lost due to the loss of fluid and muscle and not body fat.

The body loses protein which can not be replenished from food products, carbohydrates and fats is not going anywhere. Deficiency causes a disruption of intracellular reactions when the enzyme is just not synthesized. Begins to suffer brain and nervous system. The longer such a diet, the harder it will be to lose weight, because the metabolism will begin to decline, therefore, all the efforts will be reduced to a minimum and the pounds will return.

4. The secret harmony of Japanese women

What are the promises? The main feature of the diet is the rejection of the use of salt. If you stop eating salty foods, and fluid from the body will begin to appear on more intensively. This is because water is it salt. Weight is lost. You can lose about 4-5 pounds. But unfortunately, after a short period of time they are back as the liquid begins to linger salt that you eat.

What is the reality? It has already been described why the scales on the body weight becomes less, and in reality as such weight loss can even be visually imperceptible. The Japanese diet gets the body to a state of dehydration. The point in “weight loss” due to fluid loss no. In addition, it is not very useful, because a person needs to drink per day at least 2.5 liters of water. This is because without it, the body is much more difficult to function.

Even fasting has a less negative effect than dehydration. The basic principle of the diet may be to adopt, it is necessary to minimize the amount of salt. Food should salt during cooking. Most used products and so salty. One hundred grams of rye bread lies the daily rate of salt required by the body.

5. On the basis of blood group

What kind of diet is that? This system weight loss involves the use of certain foods that are allowed or denied to people with a particular blood group. The authors of the diet showed real creativity. It resembles a theory about the hemocode when blood is developed the diet, which removed non-portable products, poisoning the body.

But the real results? Specialists of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences say that there is no scientific justification for such approach is not. In any case, the group information is not enough blood to determine the ideal product list, allowing you to lose weight. It is necessary to take into account gender, age, climate, level of physical activity. If these factors are not taken into account, it is impossible to talk about the feasibility of this approach.

6. Slimming chocolate

Weight loss sweet? One of the most alluring to date diet when in the day you can eat 100 grams of chocolate.

Does such an approach? For every 100 grams of chocolate have from 500 to 600 kcal, which almost entirely represent the fast carbs. The latter is also called fast because they are instantly absorbed. After eaten a piece of chocolate almost immediately lifted the mood, but the body simply can not so quick to spend the received energy, so all the sugar gets in the problem areas. The lack of fiber, proteins, causes serious harm to the body. To enjoy the Goodies, it is not necessary to eat every day. Is enough to eat 100 g per week, not per day. It will not entail serious damage to the figure.

7. Refusal of food in the evening

What is the approach? Most people are of the opinion that eating after six in the evening leads to postponement of these products in body fat, and sleep better on an empty stomach.

What’s really going on? People today call it a day to five or six in the evening, so the last meal is lunch. If you don’t eat until the next day, it can cause some discomfort. You should not exhaust your body to starvation. When such deprivation does not affect the state of a person, he can refuse dinner. It is important not to overdo it and not to bring themselves to exhaustion.

8. The “color” diet

What is the system? It is based on the use of food color. They can be red, yellow, green.

Helps to lose weight? No connection between the color of the product and calories no, but the qualitative component is of great importance. Certain valuable substances there are in fruits and vegetables of the same color, but not in others. The more “palette”, the more valuable it becomes and the richer the diet.

9. Replace food with pills, herbs and other drugs

What to do? Advertising and positive reviews from supposedly thinner people inspire a lot of hope the effectiveness of patches, pills, tea. Thus, it turns out that to lose weight without any effort.

Does? The most popular herbal tea acts as a diuretic, and a gold needle or a magic ring, whose effect is based on activation of biological points on the earlobe. The latter should block appetite. Accurate data about the universality of this approach. Someone he can help, and for someone to be completely useless.

Sales are drugs that affect the responsible for the appetite centers of the brain. Do not trust advertising. Such effects, if it is such pills, severe enough to have negative consequences. In addition, this area is still too poorly studied and nothing is known about the results, the presence or absence of side effects.

10. Eat and lose weight

What does it mean? There are a lot of materials on good for weight loss products. They will adelayda wonderful properties for reducing fat absorption in the intestine. Among them, firm cheeses and dairy products. The high content of bromelain in pineapple, honey and red wine has made them almost the most coveted tables on the supporters of healthy nutrition.

Is it really so? Bromelain is an enzyme involved in the digestion process, but not anymore. Pineapples will not be the salvation for those who wants to lose weight. Organic honey refers to simple carbs, so its use should be limited. Otherwise, the formation of subcutaneous fat simply can not be avoided. Red wine is high-calorie drink, but promotes the formation of gastric juice and therefore increases appetite. These products are useful only in small amounts. Food for diabetics too will not be output. It is only intended to replace sugar, so it contains substances which can do the same high-calorie of refined sugar.

11. Useful foods you can eat plenty of

Do not limit yourself? Weight loss is always associated with a change in diet and reduced amounts, so many people are crazy about the idea that you can replace unwholesome foods unlimited useful. It contains calcium, vitamin, fiber, omega-acid food.

Is it really so? Any product has some caloric content. Hippocrates said that food can be poison and medicine. It all depends on the quantity. Experts advise to use no more than 90 grams of peanuts and 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil, three fruit and vegetables, half a Cup of dried fruit and a glass of juice. Dairy products should also be consumed in limited quantities. Per day should drink two or three glasses of milk (yogurt) and eat about 30 grams of cheese (low-fat). The day is better to limit to 4 slices of bread, half Cup of cereals, pasta. With the exception of cereals, which is three times more.

12. The rest are a hindrance to weight loss

Why? The vast majority of articles and materials on weight loss claims that the vacation is always associated with gastronomic temptations. Particularly dangerous is the holiday resorts for all-inclusive.

But what is the reality? To deny that the holiday contributes to an obsession with food is impossible. Especially it is shown when there is the opportunity to eat in unlimited quantities. To avoid this, you need to follow some rules. Do not choose a hotel with buffet, as well as to bring yourself to a strong hunger, which can lead to overeating. If there is time, the portions will remain familiar, but the feeling of satiety to come pretty quickly. Special caution should be exercised with desserts, each time asking myself, not whether extra piece of cake or a brownie.

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