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Only proper nutrition

Last fight: 12 tips on how to clean up a couple of extra pounds

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1. Don’t buy something that will stretch

Chips, cookies, an extra piece of candy with a new flavor. If it is at home, difficult to resist, especially when the body is accustomed to certain products. Replace them healthy food instead of dessert, eat a banana and take a bite of ice cream children’s portions.

2. Count calories

A significant part of them comes from invisible snacking the rest of the dinner and a slice of cheese, and as a result you never really ate, and calories gained. Start keeping a diary will quickly notice it.

3. Lose weight with a friend

You can motivate each other in chat. Or tell me about your desire in social networks and regularly report on progress.

4. Look at the serving size

Many people go on like proper nutrition, but continue to eat a lot. Buy some plates with the diameter smaller and not eat up to satiety.

5. Prepare myself

In this case, you just eat less calories and sugar than if you don eat out.

6. Don’t avoid dietary fiber and fats

First long to digest, providing saturation. A lot of them in whole grain products, vegetables and fruits. Healthy fats are contained in nuts and olive oil, they provide energy and help the body to absorb nutrients.

7. Don’t go to the gym through the power

If you do not feel any desire to go to the gym, start gradually to do at home. The Internet enough video tutorials on any sports subject. In addition, you can buy a home exercise bike, ellipse or treadmill.

8. Eat small versions of your favorite dishes

For example, if you love rolls with nuts, you can bake it in tiny forms.

9. Focus on pleasant

Instead of regret that you can’t eat a big piece of cake, pay attention to positive changes in the diet and celebrate when they become a habit.

10. Drink more water

For example, in the morning you can drink a glass of warm water with lemon and honey. Besides being tasty this drink also will help the immune system.

11. Raduy yourself with something besides food

If you love to eat your feelings, try to replace the intake excess calories per session in a bath or massage from a partner.

12. In the fridge — just useful

Vegetables, fruits, dairy products, eggs — leave it in the fridge only after eating what you do not begin to torment the conscience. And she did not notice how quickly evaporates unwanted pounds!

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