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L-Carnitine Caps 750 Is from

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L-Carnitine Caps 750 Is from the popular l-carnitine capsules. Designed for both professional athletes and enthusiasts looking to just stay healthy and lead figure in order. This is a fairly inexpensive product. You can find it in any store.

Effects from taking

Contrary to popular belief, L-carnitine not only need “slimming”. It helps to improve energy metabolism during strength training, allows you to be not only more resilient, but strong. Substance facilitates the absorption of other sports nutrition products, for example, creatine and amino acids, and helps improve recovery.

L-carnitine promotes:

  • Delivery of lipids to the mitochondria for fat burning;
  • Increase performance and contractile activity;
  • More energy;
  • Accelerated recovery after exercise;
  • The normalization of the heart;
  • Muscle growth with adequate nutrition;
  • Burning fat on a caloric deficit

L-carnitine is a universal energy that helps to not only lose weight but also to withstand a heavy workout.

If you drink it for weight loss, you can combine with extracts of green tea, caffeine, and other substances that accelerate the metabolism and increasing thermogenesis.

In the composition of L-Carnitine Caps 750 from Is only pure L-carnitine. 1 tablet 750 mg.

How to take

On non-training day substance take 3 capsules in the morning, after drinking a glass of water. This will help to ensure the process of fat burning resources early in the morning, and will contribute to the implementation of all plans.

If you plan to workout, you should drink the stuff an hour before it, preferably half an hour before the pre-workout ingestion of protein, amino acids, and fat burners. This will help the carnitine to be absorbed, and the athlete will get everything necessary to improve the health and well-being.

Carnitine 2 grams per day does not work better than more modest dosages. So more than 3 capsules of a substance to drink there is no need. Water improves digestion, don’t need to drink them with a minimum of liquid.

For those who like first thing in the morning for Breakfast, it is better to move with carnitine on time immediately after waking up.

Important: the substance can be taken with creatine, protein and amino acid supplements in the same course, this does not affect its effectiveness.

The rate of admission of L-carnitine in capsule lasts for 4 to 6 weeks. Then take a break, if drying is not completed, select the easy medication with green tea for a month, and come back with carnitine.

There is another view. Kurtinitis – a common food substance contained in the daily diet. It can be eaten every day without any problems, and any special courses is not necessary to arrange. Just take the capsules pre-workout and all.


A drug like athletes, judging by reviews. It gives energy for training, promotes rapid recovery, and does not cause such severe side effects as fat burners with caffeine and other stimulants. Although all write instructions that people did not take it in the evening, nothing to worry about from this is not happening. He doesn’t hit the CNS in the same way as caffeine.

What about burning fat? In fact, to judge by the reviews of others here it is difficult. Fat burning is an individual process. Its speed depends on the accuracy of dieting, and how people maintain a balance of macronutrients. Affects his style of training, and hormonal status. But most people say that this drug helps them to withstand drying and to burn fat.

Problems with digestion, diarrhea and stomach pain from its use is also not seen. This is a quality product for relatively little money.

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