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Kirill Khudaev finished fourth in the New York Pro competition season

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This weekend, the New York Pro 2020 took place – one of the much anticipated bodybuilding competitions of the year and by far the largest professional bodybuilding event on the East Coast. This year alone, it happened under unusual circumstances. The pandemic postponed and canceled many IFBB and NPC competitions – now it was a very different bodybuilding season. The New York Pro tournament has been moved to September and to a new location in Tampa, Florida to avoid cancellation and to allow professional bodybuilders to qualify for Olympia. The official results of the New York Pro 2020 have already been published (below this news. Approx.

Men’s Open Bodybuilding Results
Iain Valliere Justin Rodriguez Jon Delarosa Hassan Mostafa Maxx Charles Patrick Moore

New York Pro 2020 Men's Physique Classic Physique Results
1. Logan Franklin
2. Jason Brown
3. Tony Tavarez
4. Krylo khudaiev
5. Amit Roy
6. Russ Allen

New York Pro 2020 Men's Open Women’s Physique Results
Rachel Jennifer Daniels Jeannie Feldman Trish Wood Diana Schaidt Sherry Priami Jodi Lyons

New York Pro 2020 Women's Physique Men’s Physique Results

Arya Saffaie Rodrigue Chesnier Rashaud Watson Anthony Gilkes Clarence McSpadden Justin Woodard

New York Pro 2020 Classic Physique Men’s 212 Results
Bo Lewis Jason Lowe Errol Moore Adam Young Derik Oslan Emmanuel Rodriguez

New York Pro 2020 Men's 212 Women’s Bodybuilding Results
Mayla Ash Kim Buck Tina Williams Janeen Lankowski Anne Sheehan Rita Mac Walters

New York Pro 2020 Women's Bodybuilding Figure Results Nicole Zenobia Graham Anna Banks Brittany Campbell Catherine Lavoie Sandra Grajales Maria Luisa Diaz

New York Pro 2020 Figure Bikini Results Etila Santiago Santos Ashlyn Brown Reijuana Harley Lauren Dannenmiller Julie Lopez Amanda Aguzzi

As you can see, our Ukrainian athlete Kirill Khudaev competed in the category of classic physicist. Unfortunately, he failed to qualify for Olympia this year and with a fourth place result, he ends this fall season. The decision was made based on the results of the form exhibited in Tampa and consultations with trainer Dennis Wolf. The reason was the unnamed problems of the Kharkov athlete. Kirill sincerely thanked all the fans and those involved in his performance at New York Pro 2020:

A champion is determined not by his victories, but by how he can recover after a fall … Well, this year has been difficult for each of us. My coach and I decided to end this season. At these competitions I weighed 6 kg less than last year. We need to have a good rest and start preparing for the competition again, but already in 2021. Hopefully next year the competition will go smoothly. The problem with canceling and changing the date of the competition negatively affected my condition, because my preparation began in January this year.

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Thank you all very much for your support, my friends. I really appreciate it and am infinitely grateful to you for all your words of support 🙏 NY PRO team # teamdenniswolf @gorillawearukraine ⬅️ @ @apollonnutrition 🇺🇸 #teamapollonnutrition #classicphysique #healthylifesty #bodybuilding #kirillkhudaev #nextmotivationchallengisother

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Sep 5, 2020 at 4:08 am PDT

New York Pro 2020

New York Pro 2020

New York Pro 2020 09/07/2020 486 0

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