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Kirill Khudaev – a favorite of the upcoming Mr. Big Evolution Pro Portugal 2019

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Professional Ukrainian athlete of the IFBB Pro League, Dennis Wolf's ward, champion and medalist of several international competitions in the Classic Physique category, Kirill Khudaev, will speak at the European tournament Mr. Big Evolution Pro Portugal 2019. This event is held by the IFBB Professional League Federation as a qualifier for the Mr. Olympia 2019, held in Lisbon, Portugal this weekend from July 19 to July 21. Kirill, being the winner of the recent Denis James Classic 2019 tournament, is considered one of the favorites for the upcoming pose in the classic-physicist division. Among the 18 members of the group, a preliminary list of which is published on the official website of the IFBB Pro Federation, only Abdulla Al-Sairafi (Kuwait) and Piotr Borecki (Poland), who have 12 and 11 qualifying points, respectively, can stand against Kirill.

Mr. Big Evolution Pro Portugal 2019

Mr. Big Evolution Pro Portugal 2019

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