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Kids crossfit — what it is

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After popular adult direction, in the sports environment has been introduced and children’s crossfit. This functional training system for developing young athletes ‘ flexibility, strength and endurance. Its purpose is mainly General physical development of children up to 11 years, the deficit of which is particularly relevant in recent years.

Functional training for children, of course, has some differences from the adult areas. It rules loads, types of exercises, because the immature organism is in a constant state of growth and development, the skeleton of a child is more flexible and therefore more prone to possible deformations. To understand whether a young athlete such sports, not one desire, one need to consult a specialist.

The benefits and harms

Due to the high level of physical training of the children involved in crossfit, get a great Foundation for future achievements in other sports. Under the condition of moderate intensity programs, accompanied by a qualified mentor the benefits of functional training are undeniable. Improvement of physical performance, the harmonious development of the skeleton, heart and lung systems — that’s the goal of crossfit.

Any sport without a system can not do this kind of training is no exception.

A week is recommended to attend 2 — 3 training sessions, with more frequent training, the body will be difficult to recover, resulting in congestion and negative impacts on the health of the child.
Features of crossfit for different ages

Like other sports, crossfit, divides the children by age criteria, applying different standards of training volume, intensity of exercise, weight loads. This groups primary (6 — 7 years) and school (11 years) ages. Older athletes belong to the teenage group, where, unlike the kids of crossfit, mainly load-limiting your weight is used the weights.

Preschool 6-7 years

Future athletes in 6 — 7 years are most likely to make their first steps in the world of sports, and they held quite a lot of pedagogical work. Is a smooth adaptation to the training regime and regular time devoted to General physical development. The foundations programs include cardio, pull-UPS, push-UPS, Shuttle run, sit-UPS.

School group up to 11 years

Children from 8 to 11 years receive much greater loads. The program is diluted with various types of regime with the shell (with minimal weights, of course) and the basics of a classic crossfit.

Functional training consists of several types of exercises, let’s consider them in more detail.

Exercises that use the weights only their own weight:

  • Classic push-UPS — an easy technique that focuses on the chest and arm muscles. For younger children there is a lightweight version based on the knees, not your toes.
  • Air squats — develops the leg muscles and improves posture and coordination.
  • Push-UPS on bench — works the triceps, preparing complex types of regime.
  • Burpee — sequential combination of exercises: the position in the rest position, push-UPS, jumping up and cotton over his head. In the initial stages is important, not speed, but rather, the habit of sequence and complete the exercises.
  • A chin-up — prepares to complex presses and deadlift with complications. Includes many muscles, ligaments and tendons, strengthening them in the process of training.
  • Inventory:

  • Exercise on a rope, climbing — endurance and hand strength.
  • Throw the ball — an exercise to develop agility, accuracy and coordination required in different sports.
  • Jumping on the table carries the load on the legs, increasing their strength. And also develops spatial orientation and concentration.
  • Metabolic functionality:

  • Rowing exercise equipment, stamina. It is important to master the technique and then increase the speed.
  • Shuttle run — develops the leg strength and reaction. With each exercise you can gradually increase the speed and number of approaches.
  • Exercise rope jumping is a universal, develops feet, is in the form of games, is easily accepted by children.
  • Learning from the experience of the adult crossfit, children’s competitions are held periodically. As practice shows, the competitive activities of young athletes also gambling, and children possess a great will to win and determination.

    After passing the initial stages of crossfit you can go to another level of the adolescent, where the added exercise with weights, as the main base for more complicated elements. Also, in the future, crossfit may be supporting training in parallel with the other sports.

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