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Kettiya or veganism: how to select from two effective diets

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to force the body to start the process of ketosis to use fat as fuel. Approximate frame are as follows: 60-75% fat, 15-30% protein, 5-10% carbs. Among other things, this means a reduction of servings of fruits and sweet vegetables.

Veganism is a rejection of any products of animal origin: meat, milk, eggs, fish, etc. On the amount of carbohydrates you can not pay attention.

What diet is best way to lose weight?

Debatable. By and large, a lot depends on how people ate before we decided to go on a diet. For example, if you eat carbs, especially simple, and moved to klodiya, the result in centimeters and kilograms will notice pretty quickly. And all because you refused from the junk food, which was getting extra calories.

The same thing will happen with a man who loved meat and decided to become a vegan.

But if you ignore the abrupt changes, in General, kettiya more efficient. After replacing the carbs into fats, many people feel full faster than other diets.

In the case of veganism — improving the shape is also very likely. But it is very important that you eat. If vegetables and healthy fruits is one thing, but if a vegan pizza, cookies, and meat substitutes — other.

It is important to understand that people are different and someone might not help neither one nor the second option.

How does one choose?

The first question to ask yourself: would you eat a lot of meat, fats and all animal products. If your answer is “Yes” — try keto; if you want to see a life without meat — go for vegans. Of course, between these options there are many others without such strict limits.

There is a difference in the ultimate goal. If you want to lose weight, kettiya is likely to contribute to a better vegan. But veganism is much more a healthy eating principle, which can hold for many years (long-term effects of cattily has been poorly researched, but a strict no healthy foods influences health is not the best way).

It is also important to understand that Ketumile will have a lot to prepare and it is not recommended for people with problems of the gastrointestinal tract. But the final decision for you.

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