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Keto or Atkins: which diet is the most useful and effective?

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The basics of cattily

The main idea of this type of power — the transition of the body into the mode of ketosis, when energy is used the fats and not carbohydrates. The fat goes to the liver and converted to ketones, which then enter the blood and become energy. Verify in the body ketosis by using special test strips.

To start ketosis, you need to get 75-85% of energy from fat, 10-15 from protein and only 5-10 from carbohydrates. Accordingly, people eating fatty meat and butter in fairly large quantities, although nutritionists recommend to pay attention to avocados, nuts, seeds and eggs.

What is the Atkins diet?

Its main objective is to restrict the carbohydrates and the degree of rigidity depends on how many pounds you consider unnecessary. The most sophisticated version of the classic Atkins 20 diet, it is divided into four phases, the amount of carbohydrates and a variety of products gradually increases. When reducing weight transition to a new level. In the diet at different stages of the prohibited vegetables, fruits and dairy products. In the Atkins diet 40 the bans are not serious, variations supply more. The figures indicate the maximum number of grams of carbohydrates per day.

What diet is stricter?

Consider first the ketogenic. It is not directly prohibited sources of carbohydrates like bananas or bread, but it is better not to get involved. Even innocent vanilla yogurt contains 24 grams of carbohydrates and can bring the body out of ketosis.

Proponents of cattily eat a lot of saturated fats (cheese, butter, whipped cream) instead of the more healthy monounsaturated (avocado). Among the good recipes — baked meat with broccoli.

Now about the Atkins diet. At the first stage it is very hard: nuts, seeds, cheese, fats, proteins and some low carbohydrate vegetables. Fruits, whole grains, starchy vegetables, soft cheese, fermented milk products — banned. Bans gradually becomes smaller at the last stage, all you can eat without going over 100g of carbs a day.

The result is that kettiya more rigid, and the Atkins diet — movable. On the third or fourth stages of the prohibitions is almost there, allowed all the fruits, which are in the ketosis can be forgotten.

What diet easier to follow?

Kettiya rather complex, as almost everywhere found the carbohydrates. Nuts, avocados, yogurt and other fatty foods are literally Packed with them! In addition, food needs to be weighed.

The Atkins diet is not as important to 80% of calories from fat, and it is in this sense a little easier.

It is interesting that, according to observations by nutritionists, many followers of cattily eat more protein and less fat. That is, they hold very different meal plan than you think.

Which diet is healthier?

Not all experts share the opinion about the use of large amounts of fat in weight loss business. In some cases the risks outweigh. If you eat too many months in a row, the body will begin to clean up the b and C vitamins, increase the level of cholesterol. Therefore, the ketogenic diet recommended to keep no longer than 2-3 months.

The Atkins diet seems to be more useful, but no studies on long term effects on the body. However, it is believed that the extreme types of food should not become the basis of the diet for a long time.

And to lose weight?

Both diets provide a fairly rapid weight loss, but then he may return. If the case is a few pounds, it is best consult with a specialist and go on a healthy diet without the need to hold himself in a rigid framework.

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