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Keon Pearson leaves Classic Physique

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Keone pearson

My season of 2019 ended with a bang! Light me up @pjbraunfitness (Pj Braun – President, CEO and founder of Blackstone Labs, Entice LLC) for next season. But I think that the time has come to hang up classic swimming trunks and spend some time to actually “GROW” and reach your full potential. Let's do it and greet ourselves in Division 212! , Stage weight 178 pounds (81 kg)

– This is exactly what the member of the Classic Physique division, Keone Pearson, stated on the Instagram page. The athlete finished fourth on the recent Mr. Olympia 2019 show and was considered the benchmark of this group. 23-year-old Keon probably expects to repeat the success of the Iranian Hadi Chupan, who became the third, who went into the open category.

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