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Keep back: 6 favorite exercises Alena Shishkova for back muscles

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expert-methodologist and coordinator directions group programs network of fitness clubs X-Fit: “Lack of sleep, stress, excessive physical activity, or lack thereof, affect the spine and affects the health of the organism as a whole. The spinal column is the protector of the main channels of the nervous system that provide the setting and power of all organs and tissues. But his incorrect position leads to changes that violate the current of nerve impulses, so it is very important to strengthen the back muscles”.

Step # 1: working with weight

1. Stand in the slope with your back straight, take small weights in your hands. Transfer the body weight on one leg, put down a second ago.
2. Start shoulder blades, exhale returning to the starting position.
3. Do exercise 25-30 times at an average pace, then the DIY approach on the other foot.
Important: don’t take your pelvis back during approaches.

Step # 2: turn in a full

1. Take a starting position: put your palms under shoulders, knees under hips. Straining press.
2. Locking the pelvis, taking his hand behind my head, simultaneously expanding the rib cage in the same direction.
3. Do 10-15 times turns in each direction.
Important: make movement on the supporting arm, and not in that of head. Each time series direction.

Step # 3: get the most

1. Sit on butt, lean back to diagonally back at 45 degrees.
2. Tense your stomach as hard as I can.
3. Hold this position with pivoted blades not less than 90 seconds.
Important: rasslabla leg muscles.

Tip: it is better to do a small number of approaches on a daily basis, than to give my all once a week.

Step # 4: lie with meaning

1. Lie down on your side, put your elbow under the shoulder joint and draw on the forearm, including the hand.
2. Raise the pelvis with the exhalation to build a straight line of the body at an average pace. You can help yourself with your free hand.
3. Do the exercise 15-20 times, then change side and do exactly the same approach.
Important: pull the buttocks during the exercise.

Step 5: reach up

1. Hold out your joined hands above the head, relax the shoulders, just behind your shoulder blades.
2. At an average pace, keeping hips and shoulders parallel, keep tilting to the side. Go back to the original position.
3. Make 25-30 times in each direction without a break.
Important: keep press tense.

Step # 6: indicate the direction

1. Starting position — plank on your knees.
2. At a slow pace, fixing the pelvis and not moving the shoulders (body is still), take your right and left hands alternately to the side while exhaling.
3. Do 10-15 times on each hand.
Important: get a press and do not bend in the back too much.

Photographer: Stas Martynov.
Stylist: Jig Sandzhieva.
Producer: Anastasia Friedman.

On Allen: Etam top, leggings and Nike sneakers.

Thanks for the help in organization of shooting fitness club “X-Fit Stoleshnikov”.

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