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Kate Usmanova. Workout videos at home

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Ekaterina Usmanova – a simple girl who has always loved the sport and was confident to win. The first achievements associated with rough men powerlifting.

Today on instagram Usmanova Ekaterina signed by thousands of people wishing to become owners of the same attractive figure.

The importance of nutrition in sports

Kate Usmanova has already confirmed in an interview with sports publications that are not belongs to lovers diet, not trying to get rid of excess weight. The important thing in nutrition is balance. Need to closely monitor the quality and quantity of food consumed. Kate is convinced that adherence to diet is more beneficial than the various exhausting diets.

A complete diet should include a variety of food, all kinds of dishes, namely:

  • Low-fat soups.
  • Porridge.
  • Meat, sea fish.
  • Salads, smoothies, vegetables and fruits.

The athlete indulges in desserts. She recommends that you do not lean on sweet and starchy foods, but a piece of dark chocolate or a little light dessert-based low-fat cottage cheese, and fruits will not damage the figure.

When compiling a diet also keep in mind the structure of the training.

Weight is accompanied by a predominance of protein products. If the goal is to lose weight, prefer carbohydrate food.

About the frequency of eating is still a matter of debate. Someone believes that it is necessary to eat many times a day in small portions, some by personal example proved the feasibility of the standard mode, which includes Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Katerina considers justified, the last option.

The fractional power method, which includes from 6 to 9 meals is not suitable for everyone. It will be effective only for people with a slow metabolism. In addition, by practicing such a mode, the risk of failure in the diet. Long eating frequent small meals will develop into a habit that failure will trigger dramatic weight gain.

Active people owners fast metabolism needs to stick to the schedule, consisting of three full meals and two snacks. This technique is beneficial to the metabolism, the optimal training period.

Circuit training from Ekaterina Usmanova

Nutrition plays a very important role in a person’s life, but no normal physical activity to achieve a toned, slender body is impossible. Photo of Ekaterina Usmanova reason are the adornment of personal instagram page, a popular sports media are also happy to publish images of sportswomen, because she knows a lot about efficient exercise. The girl left the competitive career coaches wishing to achieve the perfect figure or to lose weight.

Its programs involved many people, including media personalities and stars of the Russian show-business. Perhaps not everyone is training for Kati’s taste but hundreds of examples of transformation – not an empty phrase. Therefore, I want to offer the option of circuit training from the charming Ekaterina Usmanova.

To start any classes have mandatory workouts and this workout is no exception. Take the warm-up for at least 10 minutes, with the inclusion of exercises from the circuit training, but at a slow pace.

The essence of this training lies in its high intensity, which allows you to effectively burn excess fat, making the body elastic and fit. Another important condition is the adherence to a strict sequence in the process of doing exercises on the lunges/climbs on a chair, pushups. Other exercises of the complex can be combined according to personal taste. For a clearer understanding of the structure of the training process, you can watch training videos of Katie Usmanova.

Circuit training is primarily a perform the complex over 4 sets. Break between sets not more than 2 minutes, at this rate, achieved the most effective level of fat burning. The program includes exercises for legs and back, allowing evenly distributed load, and to maintain the required intensity even for beginners to athletes.

The complex includes the following exercises:

  • 20 squats with weights or without.
  • Strap 35-60 seconds. Will fit the classic version of the exercise with alternate leg lift, side plank.
  • Classic attacks or climbs on the chair 10-20 times for each leg. It is important when performing lifts to straighten the legs completely. Push-UPS or pull-UPS 10-15 times.
  • Traditional pushups can be replaced with a focus on knees.

Features workout for weight loss

Of particular importance in the training process is a technique of exercise. You must listen to your body, to achieve a perfect technical execution. Once the desired effect is achieved, training will go exclusively to the benefit, without the risk of injury.

To increase fat burning effects you can only get rid of glycogen in the body. It balances the glucose that has accumulated from the previous meal and can be transformed into fat. This can be done on a treadmill.

Continuous Jogging for 20 minutes effectively cope with this problem. After that, without making a long stay, you should begin the exercise on the biceps femoris muscle. For this approach a special device for bending the legs. To perform the exercises you need 20 times with both feet, 10 times each leg.

To complete the property is a hyperextension and crunches on incline bench. This training technique will allow to study the most problematic of women’s space, to give elasticity to the lower body.

In conclusion

To ensure the effectiveness of such trainings you can visit the page of the athletes on instagram. A lot of girls who have already experimented with workout, share your results. The before and after photos of Ekaterina Usmanova also puts on the page.

The most effective way to verify the effectiveness of training can make up began to personally engage on the recommendations of Katie. With sufficient willpower, the desire to change yourself for the better, the result will not keep itself waiting long. As she says Katya, the most important on the path to attractive figure is motivation, proper diet and regular exercise.

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