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Kai Greene

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The contents

  • Anthropometric data
  • Biography
  • Best achievements
  • The Power Of Kai Greene
  • Workout, Kai Greene
  • Features Kai Greene

Anthropometric data

  • Height: 173 cm;
  • Weight: 136 kg (merston), 116 kg (competition);
  • Biceps: 56 cm;
  • Hips: 86 cm;
  • Chest: 148 cm


Born Kai Greene County Brooklyn, city of new York, 12 July 1975. Young future famous athlete was not straightforward. Since 6 years, Kai Greene gave custody of the state, since the family has had serious problems. For many years he had to live in one, then in another family that greatly affects the mental state of the young man. To somehow distracted, the boy decided to play sports and started going to gym. In fact, he wanted to be an artist. It did come in handy later when he started to go on stage, featuring beautiful and alive arbitrary composition. In addition, Kai Greene loved drawing, so use your body as a canvas, creating works of art. Overall, it was a gifted boy, though, to some extent, problematic.

In the 7th grade, many teachers noted that Kai’s got wonderful ability, he is well developed and quite talented. The only thing he suffered this behavior, which was not the best, to put it mildly. So the teachers decided to send him to the competition. Kai back in those years knew that he had great abilities and he will be able to achieve in this sport considerable heights, surpassing all of its rivals. He decided to devote himself fully to the sport. This confidence gave him courage, when he again went on stage surrounded by famous bodybuilders. In school period he often had to travel to various competitions. Naturally, this experience was invaluable, as he often managed to occupy high positions in decent tournaments. Should also pay tribute to teachers because it is unknown regardless of which way went the student. After that, he decided to do not much pause to significantly increase the volume of their muscles. He wanted to surprise everyone with its new form and to appear before all completely different bodybuilder. The future champion started training on the 5th Avenue Gym, where trained experienced bodybuilders. Here he learns a lot of new information about the training, about nutrition, etc. At the same time he tried to make something new in the training process.

In 18 years Kai Greene turned Pro in his Federation of bodybuilding. He was proud of it, because he managed to win almost all competitions in which he participated and which was sent to the Federation. In 1997, the athlete appealed to the Federation IFBB professional bodybuilding, but first advised him to solve all the problems with the Amateur organization of the NPC. After this, the young talented athlete never won victories and only in 1999 he acquired an absolute title Team Universe. In the result he was invited to the world championship in Bratislava. If he had won the championship, he would have received the title of Pro Federation to the IFBB. Unfortunately, he surrendered only 4-th place, which dashed his dream. Because there were rumors that Kai is never going to work, then he believed those rumors, and went back to school to be a talented artist.

In 2004, the Federation NPC Team Universe decided to give a chance to the best sportsman, so that he could obtain the title of professional on the version of IFBB. Despite the fact that Kai Greene almost 5 years was not on stage, he still managed to win a tough category. So he managed to become an IFBB Pro, and this opened new opportunities for him in bodybuilding.

Best achievements

At the initial stage of sports career of Kai Greene, his success was mixed: he could take the prize, but could not get even in the best of 17 athletes. It was in 2006 at the tournament, “new York Pro”, when the place surrendered all known Phil Heath. First Kai Greene won in 2007, taking part in the tournament, “Colorado Pro”. This tournament was quite worthy opponents such as Ronnie Rokel, Brandi Warren, Darrem Charles, johnny Jackson, Dennis James and others.

In 2008, he surrendered first place in the “new York Pro”, and then he twice wins the “Arnold classic” in 2009 and 2010. In the same period, he wins and the tournament “Grand Prix of Australia”. After that he scored 2 more victories in the tournament “new York Pro” in 2011 at the tournament “Prague Pro” in 2013. From 2012 to 2014, this athlete was able to take mostly only the second place in various tournaments, and took the first place Phil Heath.

The Power Of Kai Greene

Kai Greene is never ever divulged about what he eats, as all believed that this athlete was a mysterious person. So to find any sources of any information on this matter practically impossible. Even at a young age this athlete ate pretty tight, eating a day to one and a half pounds of beef, ate dozens of eggs, including egg yolks, eat a lot of rice, oatmeal, potatoes, drinking all this protein drinks. As snacks he used chicken Breasts. There were rumors that he could eat in one day to 30 chicken Breasts or up to 200 eggs. It’s hard to imagine how much food per day was eaten by this monster and how much money it took. When Kai Greene preparing for the competition, he did not no-carb, but their number is significantly reduced. Kaya sponsored by the company Muscle Meds, and ensured its high-quality sports nutrition. This athlete preferred concentrate of meat protein. Or sportsman liked his taste, or more suitable amino acid composition.

Workout, Kai Greene

Many athletes, for his career, changed a few gyms. And rightly so, because everyone wants a change of scenery, new equipment and new faces. Kai in this respect, was no exception. All athletes sooner or later are going in the same room, which for them becomes a legend. In this hall, and he trained Kai Greene, near the famous bodybuilders like Phil Heath, Dorian Yats, Flex Wheeler and other famous bodybuilders. In this chamber, has always supported true kaczkowska atmosphere and the name of this room — the Power House of Gim.

First, the athlete is trained, starting from 3 PM until 7 PM, like most athletes, but then switched to another mode and began to devote to the workouts the morning before noon. As he said himself an athlete, it helps to concentrate properly, as in this period in the hall not many people, compared to the evening period. This ensures that you always get only a fruitful exercise.

Worked your muscle Kai Greene on his method. He worked with prohibitive weights. Of course, that when you run a complex basic movements such as deadlifts, bench press barbell and lifts T-neck utilizes all the muscles of the back. But at high loads cannot concentrate on work individual muscle groups. In this case, all the attention is drawn to the very rise of the projectile. In addition, the lifting of large weights often leads to injury. Therefore, this approach athlete was not welcomed. Often, this athlete used a different method to concentrate on individual muscle groups; he was simply caught up between sets. Basically this approach to the training process stems from the fact that not only to work out all muscle groups and to maintain communication “brain-muscle” at the proper level. When Kai really felt the work of their muscles, the kind of philosophy he began to apply in relation to the rest of the movements associated with the study of the muscles of the back, including such a complex exercise like deadlifts.

Training the muscles of the legs, Kai Greene did quite an interesting exercise which very few people performing in the modern gyms — “Jefferson squat” or “deadlift Jefferson”.

This exercise greatly affects the buttocks, including the hamstrings and quadriceps. Through this exercise, Kai managed to work their glutes like they’re chiseled.

A number of players trying to find ways to facilitate the task, lifting weights and especially not thinking about the consequences. Kai Greene does not apply to this type of athletes. It is the opposite, always trying to complicate the exercises, not just lifting heavier weights. If you examine the video, featuring training with Kai Greene, you can clearly see that this athlete does not work with prohibitive weights, use dash techniques and partial amplitude. He prefers to work in isolation for each muscle group, working through some areas, as it does not need over-burden.

Features Kai Greene

Kai Greene is considered the most artistic bodybuilder of all time. Each output on stage, each showing his muscles — is not just a stone poses, and a real artistry. He always stood out from the crowd of athletes. Especially attracted attention by his arbitrary pose. He could do a handstand, to do various flips and be in an unusual position. So we can safely say that it is not just the athlete but also the athlete with the talent of the actor. His spit is not just a desire to stand out, and the desire to prove to everyone that he’s no ordinary athlete, and a talented athlete, especially because of the spit was not excessive. In addition, Kai Greene noted that he does not like to stand out, especially on the street and especially in the area in which he lives. Because the area is not entirely safe, the athlete even in the summer goes almost completely wrapped up in clothes that no one recognized him.

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