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Jump rope: how to lose weight?

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Jump rope: how to lose weight?

If you are overweight, you should review the diet to diet for weight loss and fitness, for example with the rope. Only an hour of jumping with this exercise equipment you will be deprived of 700 kcal.

The frequency and duration of training with a rope for weight loss

  • The main thing – consistency.
  • If you want to keep the body in good shape, normal weight, enough to do fitness with a skipping rope just a quarter of an hour a couple times a week.
  • If you battle with symptoms of obesity, you have to sweat every day with prichalkam in hand, at least an hour.
  • It is important to increase the time of training with a rope gradually.
  • Start with 5 minutes and every day long jump for a couple of minutes.

The training rules with a rope

  • Choose to fitness with the skipping rope, comfortable clothing and shoes that will not hamper movement.
  • Shoes for prichalkam should be with ribbed soles that will not slip and will protect you from accidental drops during exercise.
  • Before you pick up a jump rope, do some warm-up exercises for different muscle groups, e.g. squats, and tilts, swings arms and legs.
  • Start jumping rope slowly, gradually increasing the pace.
  • During a workout, take short breaks to recover the breath, but don’t stay long enough pulse rate did not fall.
  • Do not stop exercise abruptly, reduce your pace gradually.
  • Pay attention to your breathing.

Basic exercises with a rope for weight loss

  • Special equipment for practicing this sports simulator called “skyping”. First fitness class with a rope all we get in early childhood. Skipping – a mandatory part of warm-up in most sports.
  • Watch for body position while jumping, the knees should be slightly bent, and your back to stay straight.
  • Landing after a jump in the fingertips and not on the whole foot or heel.
  • Do not try to get into the Guinness book of world records, jump his pleasure, and if you feel that the heart beats too much, take a short break and catch your breath.

Who should not use exercise with a rope

  • Jumps, including rope contraindicated for people with diseases of the joints, which is dangerous excessively.
  • Those whose weight is too great, you must first lose weight up to 90 kg, and then gradually start prichalkam.
  • Jumps are not recommended during the critical days of pregnancy.

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