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Jump rope for weight loss: the basis of choice and a set of exercises

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Jump rope for weight loss: the basis of choice and a set of exercises

The contents

  • Using the rope for weight loss
  • Choose the right rope
  • A set of exercises for burning fat
  • Proper nutrition in sports

Modern ideals of femininity, slimness and smartness. For these purposes, most girls visit the gym. In order to look the part of fashion, they spend a lot of time and energy on aerobic training program. At the heart of such programs are cardio, get on the stationary bikes and treadmills. Also popular are alternative types of fitness: shaping, Pilates, crossfit. But in pursuit of fashion, many people forget that there are simple ways to lose weight that does not require expensive equipment. One of these ways are exercises with a rope. It is about this kind of loads we will discuss in this article. At the end of the General guidelines on proper nutrition when exercising.

Using the rope for weight loss

Jumping rope is known to all from childhood. They start with any physical education lesson. Today exercises with a rope became a sport discipline recognized as a sport in some countries. This discipline is called “Skipping”.

The benefits of exercises with a skipping rope:

  • Equivalent replacement cardio on a treadmill or stationary bike;
  • Rapid weight loss;
  • Increased physical stamina;
  • The correction of poor posture;
  • The simplicity and versatility of use;
  • No cost for training.

Also exercises with a rope favourably affect the respiratory system, heart and blood vessels. This improves blood flow to all body tissues, including fat, which helps to get rid of the most annoying problems of women — cellulite. It is worth noting that effective weight loss is only possible if people do not forget about proper nutrition and rest.

Choose the right rope

Most beginners will approach the rope from rubber or polyvinyl chloride. They are not durable, but cheap and easy to use. They are also easy to adjust in length. More expensive option is the rope of leather. Perfect professional athletes. The downside is the inability to adjust the length of the cord. Bullet for training use rope with a steel cable. Such equipment is used only by professionals, beginners can injure the rope.

For comfortable training it is important to choose the right length of cord. To do this, grab the handle of the rope and secure the cord to the floor with his foot. Pull the rope handle should be in the armpits. This length is ideal for jumping.

A set of exercises for burning fat

The complex includes the work with its own weight and exercise rope. Thanks to the combination of strength and aerobic exercise achieve the effect of weight loss.

  • Simple jumps.

Within two minutes, follow the simple jumping rope. Not need to accelerate. Your task is to warm up the body and prepare it for further training;

  • Push-UPS with a band.

Take the emphasis lying. Perform deep push-UPS, then rest your right elbow to the floor, turn on side and put one foot to the other, the left hand lift up. This position is called side plank. Freeze for 5-7 seconds. When performing the plank make sure that the housing does not bend to the floor. Coming back to the original position (rest position), press off the floor and make the side bar on the left side. Do 5 side planks on each side, alternating with push-UPS;

  • Jumping on one leg.

Within three minutes alternately hop on one foot. Change the leg every 30 revolutions of the rope;

  • Burpee.

To perform the exercise, stand up straight. Fully bend your knees and lean forward, hands touch the floor. Sharp movement follow jumping back, thereby taking the emphasis lying. Quickly press off the floor. Then abruptly, in a jump, pull your knees up to your chest. Without pause, you jump up. It is considered as one cycle burpees. Make 15 such cycles;

  • Jumping accelerations.

Jump in for 4 minutes. In this case, every 30 seconds do a 10-second acceleration.

  • Bike.

Lie on your back. Slightly raise the vanes from the floor and put your hands behind your head. Bend your knees, keep them on weight. Start vigorous leg movements that mimic Cycling. At the same time pull the knee to the elbow of the opposite arm. The ideal is to do 20 crunches to each knee. But for beginners it can be difficult, so it is allowed to make small pause, for example, do 10 twists on each leg, rest 15 seconds and do another 10 sit-UPS;

  • Final cycle.

Within 5 minutes, just jump rope. If you feel that you are still full of energy, complicate the exercise: accelerating, alternately, jump on one foot, do cross jumps.

The rest between exercises should be no more than a minute. Gradually it should be reduced to 30 seconds. The complex itself is very energetic, so additional warm-up is not required. The only thing you can do is to do a little stretching before starting the workout.

Proper nutrition in sports

Proper nutrition involves not only the rejection of harmful products, but also observance of the established regime. Experts recommend to allocate an entire day’s diet into 5-6 meals. So you will be able to maintain a faster metabolism in the body, essential for burning subcutaneous fat.

Here are a few rules of nutrition for weight loss:

  • The rejection of fast carbs (sugar, white flour);
  • The refusal of fried and smoked food;
  • The basis of the diet — vegetables, fruits, greens, protein products;
  • Complex carbohydrates consumed in the morning;
  • The consumption of large quantities of clean water (2 liters per day).

Jump rope is an effective tool in the fight against fatty deposits. It can be used as standalone training or in combination with other exercises. If you are unable for any reason to visit the gym, buy a skipping rope and use the submitted program. Through regular home workouts and adhering to a diet, you can easily get rid of excess weight.

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