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Judicial protocols Mr. Olympia 2018. The first people’s champion

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On the official website of the Federation of professional bodybuilding and fitness IFBB Professional League published all the protocols held from 13 to 16 September competitions Olympia Weekend-2018. In some categories, the comparisons took place changes leaders, as well as the results of audience voting was first selected “national” champion of bodybuilding in the open category (this innovation was announced by the organizers of the show this summer). He became a member of the Kuwaiti sports club O2gyms, the winner of the Arnold Classic Australia in 2018, a 40-year-old bodybuilder Rolly Winklaar (Roelly Winklaar) from Curacao.

Bodybuilding Open

    Shawn Rhoden, $400,000 (Mr. Olympia 2018)
Phil Heath, $150,000
    Roelly Winklaar, $100,000 (People’s Champ)
William Bonac, $55,000
Brandon Curry, $45,000
Big Ramy / Mamdouh Elssbiay
Dexter Jackson
Nathan De Asha
Cedric McMillan
Steve Kuclo
212 Bodybuilding Mr. Olympia

    Flex Lewis, $40,000
Derek Lunsford, $19,000
Kamal Elgargni, $10,000
Ahmad Ashkanani, $5,000
Jose Raymond, $5,000
David Henry
Shaun Clarida
Alex Cambronero
Ricardo Correia
Dwayne Quamina

Men’s Physique Olympia

    Brandon Hendrickson, $20,000
Raymond Edmonds
Ryan Terry
Jeremy Buendia
Andre Ferguson

Classic Physique Olympia

    Breon Ansley, $20,000
Chris Bumstead, $8,000
George Peterson, $4,000
Henri Pierre Ano
Arash Rahbar

Bikini Olympia

 Angelica Teixeira, $35,000
Lauralie Chapados, $18,000
Janet Layug Are Made Easy, $12,000
Elisa Pecini, $7000
Ashley Kaltwasser, $5000

Women’s Physique Olympia

    Shanique Grant
Abraham Natalia Coelho
Jennifer Taylor
Daniely DOS Anjos
Heather Grace

Ms. Fitness Olympia

Whitney Jones, $35,000
Ryall Graber, $18,000
Myriam Capes, $12,000
Missy Farrell
Bethany Wagner

Figure Olympia

Cydney Gillon, $35000
Candice Lewis-Carter, $18000
Nadia Wyatt, $12000
Jessica Reyes Padilla
Carly Starling Horrell


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