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Juan Morel is preparing for the 2019 party hard

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American professional athlete Federation IFBB Pro Juan Morel (Juan Morel) presented to the subscribers in the social network Instagram collage comparing his form:

Left 6 weeks after the Olympia, and on the right is my current state. I’m not as thin as 6 weeks after MO and not trying to be that, but just very satisfied with my improvements. I announce that I will keep you posted guys with my progress, so stay tuned for progress that I started last offseason. I know that this will be my best year. “Diesel” is hard party in 2019!

Recall that the Central competitions last season Mr. Olympia 2018 Morel was not included in the TOP 15. This Sunday Juan was involved in the seminar, which was held in the framework of the NPC events in the gym Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym.


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