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Joseph Baena is more and more like Arnold

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Joseph Baena is the son of the great bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger and now he is becoming more and more like his father. Baena is not only the son of Arnie, but he really begins to make a name for himself separately from his parent. He began his athletic career rather casually, balancing between her and college. Nevertheless, he finally announced that he would develop his career in the same field as his father. Baena showed her physique in a couple of posts on the Instagram page. As he explains in his first post, he hopes to get some major improvements over the next year. What attracts the most attention is how well his hands look in the photograph in a famous pose. This vivid picture from Joseph is not the only update he showed to subscribers. A few days earlier, he also showed off his incredible legs:

“I tried very hard to grow these legs. There are still prospects, but just very pleased with the improvements that I have made over the past year. What improvements have you made this year? ”

The end of the year, no doubt, is the time to think about progress in achieving your fitness goals. Joseph Baena decided to take this time to look back at his changes and see how much he had grown. It is safe to say that he is pleased with his progress, but is still focused on subsequent improvements.
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