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John Meadows safely suffered a heart attack

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American professional bodybuilder John Meadows suffered a heart attack. Information about this in a Facebook account was published by his wife Mary, who said that blood clotting may have played a role, and her husband was hospitalized with heart pain. For a 48-year-old athlete, this is not the first health problem. In 2005, he had already paid for the experience of an amateur bodybuilder with a rare vascular disease (his English abbreviation is IMHMV) and then the doctors had to remove the entire colon during surgery. The procedure was not without a number of postoperative complications, including several hernias. Although doctors told him in 2006 that he would never be able to compete again and forbade lifting a barbell weighing more than 15 kg, John later found a doctor with whom they devised a way to return to bodybuilding. This helped Meadows subsequently win absolute bodybuilding victories for men over 40 at the NPC Team Universe in 2015, thereby winning the IFBB professional card. He then held a total of eleven professional tournaments. In the 2017 season, John finished competing and became a nutritional trainer, helping other bodybuilders prepare. Now Meadows has returned home – in his last video (below) he talks about the successful completion of the story about a heart attack. This is great news after so many negative news in the world of bodybuilding and fitness. John's wife Mary regularly updated messages about the situation with him for all his fans and friends on the official Facebook page. Doctors also tested the athlete for Kovid-19 and the result was negative. Over the next few weeks, John should bounce back, but in the near future he will not return to training. Shortly after arriving home, Meadows made a video explaining in detail all his difficult trials in the hospital from the moment he arrived at the hospital until the athlete was sent home.
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