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Jogging fitness workout: pros and cons

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Jogging fitness workout: pros and cons

The contents

  • The pros and cons of cross-country fitness
  • The rules of running for weight loss
  • Fitness program running

Jogging is a useful and enjoyable fitness that combines a charge of vivacity for the whole day and health promotion. It is available to most people, as it does not require special knowledge, professional gym or a serious sporting skills. With the help of running you can just to improve health, training the heart muscle, or use it as a means to weight loss for quick burning fat and toning muscles.

The pros and cons of cross-country fitness

Before beginning any fitness workouts a person needs to compare the pros and cons of the selected sporting areas, to assess its performance for this goal. You also need to take into account the presence of contraindications to training, as in some cases running may aggravate the disease.

The benefits of running include:

  • Strengthening and development of a large number of muscle groups.

Increase muscle mass Jogging sessions almost impossible, but regular exercise helps regain their tone, and will enhance the overall endurance of the body.

  • An effective weight loss.

The basis of the run lies the principle of aerobic load, which increases the flow of oxygen in the blood, stimulating the burning of fat.

  • Strengthening the immune system.

For this recommended just running on the street — this approach allows us to train in different weather conditions, preparing the body for unusual situations.

  • Relaxation and freedom from stress.

This is especially true for people running in the Park or in the nearest forest belt. During the run, is the development of hormones of joy, providing a good mood and a charge of vivacity for the day.

  • The lack of high material costs.

Unlike fitness classes at the gym or buying a treadmill for home, Jogging on the street absolutely free and require minimal investment. For training it is recommended to purchase only a pair of sneakers with good cushioning and a comfortable fit.

The main contraindications to the run are:

  • peptic ulcer disease;
  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • problems with intracranial pressure.

You also cannot run:

  • in severe injuries of the spine (to be agreed with your doctor);
  • in acute infectious diseases;
  • during pregnancy.

Most people use Jogging as a tool for weight loss, but many of them throw a workout because of the lack of quick results. To achieve these goals through running, it is important to engage systematically and to follow certain rules.

The rules of running for weight loss

A long run requires a large amount of energy in the form of glycogen produced from carbohydrates entering the body with food. When the glycogen is over, the body goes to the consumption of the fat reserves by stimulating the weight loss. The average time of transition from one energy source to another takes 40 minutes, therefore, the main recommendation for running an average pace is its duration up to 60 minutes.

Cross-country fitness it is necessary to adhere to certain rules that increase their effectiveness:

  • Time for running you need to choose, coordinating trainings with its life rhythm of people easily getting up in the morning, ideal it’s time for Jogging, but the so-called “owls” it will add discomfort and discourage all desire to train.
  • It is recommended to begin training with short runs of 10-15 minutes, gradually increasing the duration of employment. But the results in weight loss from them is not worth waiting — their main task is to prepare the heart, blood vessels and respiratory system to more serious fitness programs. A normal workout the average pace should be 50-60 minutes.
  • Exercise should be regular, if possible daily or at least 3-4 times a week. Chaotic run without any systems can lead to poor health.
  • To not feel uncomfortable feelings in the stomach while running, it is recommended to do a meal at least one hour before class. The next meal after a workout should also be an hour.
  • In the process of fitness you need to drink water regularly. This will help to maintain water balance, ensuring the proper operation of the system. For drinking it is recommended to choose pure non-carbonated water without additives.
  • Jogging on the street require the selection of clothing for the weather, and if for summer training suit t-shirt and shorts of cotton, in winter, you should think about special underwear that helps to regulate body temperature.

    Fitness program running

    The ability of people sometimes very different, so a fitness program should take into account the individual characteristics of the athlete to jog provided the desired effect.

    Aspiring athletes are encouraged to use alternate walking and running that will help to adapt the body to stress, not perenapravit it.

    • The first week I alternate 1 minute of running with 2 minute walk, completing 7 of such alternations. The total duration of the training will be 21 minutes.
    • The second week alternate 2 minutes running and 2 minutes walk, completing 5 of alternations. Total duration — 20 minutes.
    • The third week involves alternating 3 minutes of running and 2 minutes walk — 5 reps.
    • Fourth week involves 5 minutes of running and 2 minutes walk, just perform 3 alternating.

    In subsequent classes, the running time increases by one minute, while walking, respectively, reduce for a minute. Ultimately, the exercise should be 20 minutes of running.

    Interval fitness program allows you to better work out the body and train the heart. In the future, it is recommended to alternate periods of running at a slow and fast pace. It should be remembered that this workout has a much greater burden on the body, so the duration of interval training should not exceed 30 minutes. Furthermore, the amount of fitness training should be no more than 3 times a week. The rest of the time it is recommended to run with maintaining the average pace throughout the run.

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