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Jogging as an alternative to regular physical exercise

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Jogging as an alternative to regular physical exercise
The contents

  • Use Jogging as an effective physical activity
  • Disadvantages of holding Jogging gym in the morning
  • Tips for fitness training based on running

Jogging is extremely popular among adherents of a healthy way of life and people wanting to get rid of extra pounds. This is due to the fact that running affordable physical activity, which, in the absence of contraindications to it, the most favourable effect on health and the human figure. To Jogging, you do not need to possess special athletic skills. Enough to have a great desire, a good pair of running shoes and some free time.

Use Jogging as an effective physical activity

Running, as a form of aerobic exercise, very useful for the human body. Regularly running in the morning, you can achieve the following positive changes in the body:

  • improve heart and vascular system.

While running, the heart muscles have to actively decline. The result of this process is the strengthening of the cardiovascular system, and, consequently, improve the function of the main organ of the circulatory system;

  • development of the respiratory apparatus.

During high intensity fitness increases the body’s need for oxygen. To meet her, the respiratory system has to work more actively. Such work involves “opening” of the alveoli that were previously in a passive state. Increasing the area of the alveoli, the organism creates the environment for receiving and processing a greater volume of oxygen. Given this, we can conclude that to carry out fitness training is better in a green area and in the morning when the air is not yet polluted with harmful substances to provide the body the maximum amount of pure oxygen. Engaging in regular Jogging, people can get rid of shortness of breath, often occurs when the disparity between load intensity and the degree of development of the breathing apparatus;

  • improve nutrition of all tissues and organs.

This means that all body systems will work more efficiently and harmoniously. During fitness classes in the conditions of fast pulse, blood enriched with oxygen better nourishes the cells of the body. All of this is beneficial to human health;

  • strengthen the muscles.

Physical load exerted on the body when running leads to tone all major muscles. And those muscle groups that are most actively involved in the process of running (muscles of the limbs and bark), actively developed and strengthened. Moreover, doing Jogging you can achieve and increase muscle mass and clear muscle definition of muscle by reducing the subcutaneous fat. In addition, running in the morning, it is easy to maintain good physical form;

  • enhance the functionality of the joint and ligamentous apparatus.

During fitness workouts connective tissue and joints of the lower extremities active and get good nutrition, which improves their mobility. For this reason, Jogging prevent early appearance of stiffness in the movements of people in adulthood;

  • slimming the whole body.

As mentioned, running belongs to aerobic exercise. It is this motor activity, moreover, which is itself highly energy-intensive, stimulates the process of fat burning. For fast and safe reduction of excess weight it is recommended to run it in the morning, when the body has a shortage of carbohydrates, which is the main and most accessible source of energy. In such circumstances, the body is forced to more actively break down cells of fat tissue, gaining energy in this process to maintain the operation of all systems at the appropriate level. To achieve the same effect of evening fitness classes, need to increase their duration and intensity, giving the body a chance to first process all the accumulated daily carbs and then proceed to the transformation of fat cells;

  • endurance and other capabilities of the body.

Regular physical activity strengthens the body, making it stronger, allowing longer experience fatigue when doing physical activity, as well as to better coordinate all the movements.

Summing up all the benefits, there are several main benefits of a Jogging fitness training in the morning:

  • weight loss is faster and more intense;
  • the body enters a greater volume of clean air;
  • you receive an opportunity to finally Wake up and gain courage for the day, as well as improve performance.

Disadvantages of holding Jogging gym in the morning

Despite the benefits and advantages of fitness classes, which are based on the run and are held in the morning, have some minor flaws. These negative aspects must be considered, choosing the right time to Jogging, to avoid unpleasant consequences with health and get the maximum positive effect from training. Jogging in the morning, have the following disadvantages:

  • cause stress.

Most often in the morning the body is half asleep and not ready for intense physical activity. It should be set to work in order not to harm your health. That is why Jogging should not immediately after waking up, and after 30-40 minutes, after performing a quality workout;

  • require free time.

People have to get up early to have time to do the mandatory morning of the procedure and to comply with all the conditions necessary to guarantee the safety and efficiency of physical activity. Not everyone Jogging this schedule;

  • forced to put in more effort.

In the morning the blood more viscous, so a person needs more intense exercise and the heart has to work harder, which can cause health problems for novice runners.

Tips for fitness training based on running

After weighing all the “pros” and “cons” Jogging and selecting the most appropriate time, we should not forget about General rules of running. Fitness training will be the most effective, safe and comfortable, if to take into account the following recommendations:

  • you should not ignore the warm-up, even if the time to run very small. It is better to reduce the running time, than to start it, not warmed up;
  • completing a run not to stop abruptly and should gradually reduce speed, passing to the step. You can then perform several stretching exercises;
  • if you experience shortness of breath, arrhythmia or pain, you must reduce the speed or even interrupt the session to normalize the condition;
  • you must train in comfortable clothes, breathable and absorbent. To dress for a run you need for the season, given that the temperature of the body during running increases. Sneakers should be intended for Jogging physical exercise and have good shock-absorbing quality of the midsole.

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