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Jimboy swung rod is an effective exercise crossfit

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Often athletes use in training swung the post. This is a basic weightlifting exercise in which worked out large muscle groups. They also develop coordination and flexibility. Let’s look at the features of exercise and how it runs.

What muscles are involved?

If you stick to the correct techniques – studied a large group of muscles from legs to shoulders. To the top include: Delta, triceps, chest and wide back.

The maximum load will receive your triceps and front Delta. Also work the lower groups: the gluteal, lumbar and calf muscles.

A large part of the leg muscles activated during acceleration up and when taking the rod on the Delta. Athletes use exercise as an auxiliary to learn the technique of push. Also for muscle mass development and power performance.


During the execution of swung of the post there are several stages:

  • Initial position.
  • Acceleration.
  • The weights were over my head.

Original position

Starts exercise in such movements:


    li>keep your Back flat.

  • Legs are a little wider than shoulder width.
  • The weighting is on the front delts.
  • Grip slightly wider than shoulders. The distance of the hands from the center of the same. If this is not adhered to, there is a chance to fall along with the weighting.
  • Turned inside of the forearm, wrist watch from the person.
  • Weighting is at the palms, which act as a support.
  • The weighting is on the deltas. Brush firmly tighten the rod. Fixing is through the hands that the weighting is not broke.

The dispersal or reception of the rod

From the initial point runs short squat. The dispersal or reception of the rods is as follows:

  • The back and arms do not change position.
  • The legs are a little bent.

From this condition, your feet strong jerk upwards. Then, in the middle, join hands and push the weighting above the head.


After popping the weighting on the up, the person is in this position:

  • Legs and back are in the starting position. The athlete stands erect. Feet slightly wider than shoulders.
  • The weighting on the head or top. Legs, body and arms form a straight line.
  • Finally, you must return to the starting position. You should take your head slightly back, straighten the chest and arch the lower back – training chest and shoulders for receiving the rod. When weighting for deltas is to blend in. This provision of the acceleration of the rod. Then make the following approach.

Before performing swung worth a look video tutorials.

Addition to the basic training

For a variety of workouts you can combine exercise into other areas. Use this complex: the military press + two zimowych swung + shock. Perform every 2 minutes for 10. When zimova sponge use large weight.

For starters, you can take 40 kilograms, to perform the exercise 15 times. Between sets do 30 seconds of rest. The cycle is then repeated 4 more times. The weight increases if the person can do 5 sets without pauses and long periods of rest.

Beginners should perform 3 sets 6 times. The average level of difficulty – 3-8. Professional athletes – 3-10.

Error when performing exercises, recommendations, contraindications

Identify the following typical errors:

  • A deep squat. In consequence of this swongy become trastero, and it is a totally different exercise.
  • In the initial position, the majority of athletes keep the weighting by hand and it should be on the deltas. Sometimes this is due to the lack of the necessary flexibility: athletes can’t twist arms in the right way. Should work on proper technique.
  • Back during the undergrowth is not smooth. It happens when using large weights. It is better to start the exercise with a small weight to work on technique. Then the weight can be increased.
  • It is important to perform the reception of the rod from the top position smooth. Athletes often carelessly translated by weighting the chest, and then make the undergrowth to the following provisions. It injures the joints.
  • The output of the fretboard too forward or back.
  • Not even elbows.
  • No depreciation, upon return of the projectile to the chest.

During exercise keep in mind the following recommendations:

  • Do not slide the rod forward or backward.
  • Maybe a little to reject arms with the rod, if the shoulders are well movable.
  • In the end position, the weighting is over your head, and your arms should be straight.
  • During the squat the knees diverge to the sides. It is necessary to monitor the situation of the socks.
  • Many athletes believe that the deeper the squat the more effective the exercise. This view is mistaken. The output power of the projectile depends on the final speed of the straightening of the legs. Therefore it is better to do a short squat.
  • Movement should be uniformly accelerated and continuous. The initial acceleration of the projectile depends on the exit of the undergrowth, and then plays a big role boosting hands.
  • When working with more weight is better to make the grip slightly wider than shoulders – 5 or 10 centimeters.
  • The sharper is the emergence from the undergrowth, the more weight you can use.
  • Feet constantly in contact with the floor.

Exercises you should not perform athletes who have problems with lower back, protrusion, osteochondrosis, varicose veins. Also not recommended for people with injuries of shoulder joints. Newcomers better start doing exercise under the supervision of an experienced coach.

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