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Jim Bradford

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The exercise, named in honor of the lifter Jim Bradford, a silver medalist at the Olympics 1952-1960. Though this guy failed to win gold, but he invented a kind of press, thanks to which many athletes were able to achieve results.

It was the story of the emergence, and now of the essence. In this exercise with a barbell bench combined for the head and the military press.

If you want to work out all the bunches of deltas, then use the Bradford press as it is considered ideal for this purpose.

One of the benefits of exercise to perform is valid, like sitting on the bench, and standing. It is necessary to study, in addition to deltoid muscle fibers, and even triceps? Then straighten at the top of the hand to the maximum.

What’s next?

  • Hold the shell on his chest.
  • Squeeze the bar over his head.
  • Put the shell behind the head.
  • Again lift the ball over the head.
  • Lower on the chest.
  • In compliance with proper techniques, you can achieve excellent results!


    Mastering this exercise, we urge you not to chase the big weights. First you need to take a barbell weighing less than in the conventional press. After honing the technique to slowly increase.

    Be sure to watch your feelings. Special attention is paid to discomfort in the shoulder joints. Since the bench-press they are the most vulnerable. So first you need to warm up the muscles to make the workout.

    Thus, if you really want to get into strength training, it is recommended to look at this exercise bench press Bradford!

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