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Jay Cutler – for many, an example of imitation

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Admire muscular figure known bodybuilder Jay Cutler? You can try to achieve similar effect, carrying out his training program! A body like Jay Cutler.

This passion for bodybuilding began with eighteen years of age, and in five it has reached significant heights – Amateur championship in the United States, it ranks first. Cutler became a 4-time holder of the title “Mr. Olympia”.

The main provisions of the usual routine of Jay Cutler

The main thrust of the program bodybuilder is on base. These exercises certainly are required to be fulfilled by the proper technique and under the supervision of a coach. To achieve the fastest increasing elevation, in the classroom if possible, you should involve several muscle groups. If you want to focus on isolated exercises, in this case, Jay recommends the additional use of auxiliary devices or simulators. During the training, actively try to use the rod, because it uses many muscle groups.

Don’t limit yourself with visiting only the gym. Regular exercise can bring variety to aerobic exercises, this is perfect Jogging, swimming, skiing, active sessions on the treadmill.

This scheme is suitable for experienced athletes during the recovery cycles, when you need to work the muscles. The technique is particularly effective in tightening the muscles of the back.

Classes in the program Cutler on the ground painted by day, each focused on a specific muscle group:

  • Monday and Thursday is study lumbar muscle recruitment exercises for the rear Delta, biceps, and also work on my core. Sometimes the body builders neglect the study of spinal relief, after her elementary – difficult to see without assistance. But powerful worked back necessary to achieve athletic symmetry. If double biceps is not your goal, yet give attention to study of the broadest muscles.
  • Tuesday and Friday the emphasis is on hip and thigh, and elaborate press.
  • Wednesdays and Saturdays are exercises on the chest muscles and the front of Delta with a connection of the bicep and the press. Your target is mass, then you need to move ought to go a higher weight. Of course, many not under the power of such magnitude, like that of a Jay, but forget about the five-pound Ganesh! To study breast take adopt presses on the bars, using a special technique. Incline the body forward, the shoulders should be forward relative to the hands during movements. Focus on the inclusion of the chest without involving the triceps to push the body up.
  • Sunday – day of rest when you need to give the muscles to relax after exercise. If you do not take breaks for recovery between sessions, you can not only injury to earn, but to lose progress during training.

All types of exercises are performed 3 sets. And with each approach reduces the number of iterations.

The importance of rest

Want to be as impressive and powerful as Jay? Then in your regime must include rest and recovery time, because rest days are important for muscle development. May want to go for a run or the habit to do push-UPS hundreds of times, but it is better to overcome this weakness. During exercise your muscles are already damaged, so they need time for recovery and growth.

On this day, unable to focus on proper nutrition. Giving the body calories, you leave him other choice, he just has to build muscle fibers. In any case do not allow gaps in the diet, and don’t think holiday is the time to relax the diet and absorption of harmful products. Your diet doesn’t make you count calories both during weight loss, but for muscle building is important to keep a competent balance of macronutrients. Eating the right food, you will allow his muscles to show himself 100%. And if you’re going to eat every “rubbish”, then he will alienate yourself from the desired result.

Vacation is a great period for enjoying life. Spend these moments with loved ones, walk outdoors, go to movies or just rest on the couch. Yes, that’s right. Jay Cutler spends his days to the fullest, successfully balancing between classes in the hall, business and personal life. Take the example of the bodybuilder and enjoy every moment in life!

Diet Jay Cutler

Competent exercises is not sufficient for successful muscle building. Sure to get attention.

Jay Cutler has developed his own diet to build muscle.

And he does not count the calories consumed. The key to good sports nutrition, he concluded, that throughout the day to include in the diet of 20% fat, the remaining share is divided between protein and carbohydrates. The total number of meals is at least 10-12 times. Make snacks every 1.5 hours, and at night food take 2 times. Such a diet schedule of the day requires a lot of willpower.

Daily intake of calories from Cutler equal to the amount of energy which would be enough for a month for an ordinary person, not seeking to gain muscle mass. A staple in the diet of Cutler is meat. Jay intensively uses all sorts of supplements, including healthy oils fish oils, folic acid, vitamins and enzymes, accelerating the metabolism.

The common man will be hard to stick to power like Jay Cutler. First of all, it takes a lot of money (up to $10 thousand per year). Besides, cooking takes time. You can adapt the diet for themselves and to reduce the number of meals to 6 times a day. Here is what the menu will fit:

  • Proteins eggs (6 pieces), oatmeal, banana, coffee.
  • White chicken meat (170 grams), one Cup of boiled vegetables (preferably asparagus, broccoli, etc) and brown rice.
  • Protein shake.
  • Fillet of beef – sirloin or lean Chuck (170 grams), 1 Cup baked potato.
  • Energy bar with protein.
  • Flounder (170 grams), 1 Cup of rice.

In conclusion, I must say that Cutler follows the same split for years, but every lesson he tries to do different from the previous one. It replaces the exercises are the same, executes a different number of sets and repetitions.

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