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Jay Cutler at Quarantine's First Intense Hand Training

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For the first time since the quarantine crisis, Jay Cutler was able to return to the gym. Judging by the video posted on the network, he did not seem to wait a second after they were opened. Like most people, Jay did not have access to gyms that closed around the world. Although he was able to find ways to stay active at home, it cannot be denied that these were suboptimal conditions. Nevertheless, he moved forward, doing everything possible in his garage, equipped with a gym. Now sports clubs are opening and Jay Cutler could not wait to return to traditional training. On YouTube, he captured his trip to the Metroflex Gym in Murriet, California, and boasted his first lesson. The focus of this workout is Jay's least favorite muscle group – the arms. Although he is usually known for having a long conversation between sets, but it was a much more intense session. Cutler also expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to return to the gym. The 4-fold Mr. Olympia still looks impressive and even a forced simple one hasn’t taken anything from the talented bodybuilder recently.
Composition of the training from this video: Jay Cutler's Arm Workout: Row Press Downs – 12-15 reps / 3 working sets Machine Dips – 12 reps / 3-4 sets Line Dumbbell Extensions – 12 reps / 4 sets Reverse Straight Bar Extensions – 12 reps / 3 sets Seated Bicep Dumbbell Curls – 12 reps / 3 sets Preacher Curls – 12 reps / 3 sets Standing Bar Curls – 12 reps / 4 sets Concentration Curls – 12 reps / 3 sets 06/03/2020 348 0

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