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It’s so hot! 9 reasons the heat, health-related

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1. Prediabetes

If the sweating is worse at night and you no longer bear the heat, the body can not cope with the normalization of blood sugar levels. So, developing insulin resistance and risk of prediabetes.

2. Problems with the thyroid

If it is too active, the metabolism accelerates and you feel hot. Other symptoms — weight change, fatigue, palpitations, reflected the decrease in the function of the thyroid gland, and it is a reason to visit an endocrinologist.

3. Stress or anxiety

These conditions also cause intolerance to heat because of the adrenaline rush. It is useful to do breathing exercises, walk or meditate.

4. Pregnancy

During ovulation the body temperature may slightly povyshaetsya as during pregnancy. The moments when it gets hot, tell about 30% of pregnant women.

5. Caffeine

Some people can’t exist without coffee, but its regular use leads including to the feeling of overheating. In addition, caffeine raises your heart rate.

6. Spicy food

Too spicy sauce “burns” the mouth and causes the body to confront the problem. Increased blood flow to deliver more blood to the suffering region — the language, the throat, the sky and getting hot.

7. Medicines

Some medicines for diabetes, depression and pain can cause hot flashes as a side effect.

8. Disease

Not only viral infection with fever can create this effect, but, for example, stomach problems or skin rashes.

9. Alcohol

It propels blood through the body and becomes warmer. The second peak in a few hours, when the liver removes breakdown products of alcohol.

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