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It’s not your fault: why bad pregnancy and how to recognize them

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(about half of all miscarriages) is chromosomal abnormalities of the embryo. In fact, the body gets rid of properly created beings, and to prevent to do it usually fails. Among other reasons — problems with the uterus, the neck of the uterus (e.g., fibroids), as well as infection. At risk — pregnant women older than 35, those who have had abortions, drugs and alcohol and serious drugs.

If a miscarriage is not a bug woman! This does not mean that next time will be the same. Most likely, all will be well.


Weeks 2-4

In the first weeks after conception many women are unaware of pregnancy, and only very accurate tests can show it before the delay of menstruation. So abortion at this stage is called the biochemical and most of the time taken for bleeding with the same symptoms: spotting and cramping.

Weeks 4-12

In the first trimester signs of miscarriage almost unchanged. Most often it is the allocation of different intensity, brown, pink or red. The stronger and brighter the highlight, the more likely a failed pregnancy. There may also be spasms in the abdomen or lower back pain. The longer, the nastier symptoms.

After a miscarriage pregnancy symptoms (breast pain, nausea, sleepy, etc.) gradually go into decline together with hormone levels.

It is best to see a gynecologist to determine whether all the extra fabric left the body, and to choose the tactics for further action.

Weeks 12-20

To these symptoms are added a strong pressure in the pelvic area and other types of secretions. At this period miss miscarriage, and any strange symptoms, you should consult a doctor.

Types of miscarriages

Options many unsuccessful pregnancies, and almost all of them cause similar symptoms.

It be a blighted ovum — a fertilized egg develops into the embryo.

Recurring miscarriages — if they occur one by one, need to be seen by a doctor.

Risk of miscarriage — the presence of symptoms, but the possibility to continue the pregnancy with proper medical care.

Ectopic pregnancy — fertilized egg attaches outside the uterus, usually in fallopian tube, cervix, on the ovary and even the liver. As a rule, keep it impossible. Ectopic pregnancy — a very dangerous thing, which requires the supervision of a doctor!

Molar pregnancy (molar pregnancy) is a condition in which the embryo does not appear, but the chorionic villi grow into bubbles. This happens if the egg has no chromosomes or fertilized two sperm. In addition, there can appear cysts and malignant tumors. The condition requires immediate treatment and control of the level of HCG. Rare, fully cured, further pregnancy is not affected.

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