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Isolated exercises: how and when to include in the training system

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Isolated exercises: how and when to include in the training system

Isolated exercises is a series of exercises, load only one muscle. They are widely used in modern fitness and bodybuilding and are often referred to as otnositelnye, as during their implementation works only one joint.

To avoid confusion in terms, you should know that all exercise can be divided into basic and isolating. The key underlying difference is that they load several muscle groups at the same time.

The base insulating or fitness exercises?

Let us consider an example:

The straightening of the legs lying on the simulator: it works only the quadriceps muscle and the knee joint isolation exercise.

Squats: involved quadriceps, back muscles and buttocks — the basic fitness exercise.

This files most often isolated exercises used by bodybuilders before competitions as it is in other types of fitness they are quite inefficient. This complex will not help you lose weight or gain muscle.

Bodybuilders of this training is necessary because after a reset of the masses they have no forces in the execution of basic exercises during a fitness workout. That is isolated exercises help bodybuilders effortlessly to prepare the body for performance.

From this we can conclude the following: the newcomers isolated fitness exercises will not bring significant benefit, only takes a lot of time. More experienced athletes also should not focus on isolated fitness training. With the right approach, isolation needs to be only twenty percent of the training. As insulation helps to work out separate muscle bundles, and is ideal for athletes, the purpose of which is a nice relief.

The role of pumps in the power fitness

Each visitor of the gym is familiar with the characteristic sensation in the muscles that occurs due to intense blood flow. The circulatory system supplies the muscles with oxygen and nutrients, so it is advisable to contribute to the improvement of its work. These tips are especially useful for athletes who want to get the result as quickly as possible.

To fitness training, isolation was the most effective, it is necessary to strengthen the blood flow to the muscle, achieving a strong pump, which is recommended to use a reduced weight. If the load is too high, will not work only the target muscle group, but also minor muscles, which can reduce the effect. Furthermore, the use of the small weight allows you to watch your technique, which is especially important during the development of new exercises.

To fill with blood to the target muscle, deeply working through it, you should do with full dedication. During fitness training, you need to fully concentrate on the study of the muscle, which receives its load at the moment. It is very important to feel your muscles, achieving the same feeling as when you perform any basic fitness exercise.

Significantly accelerate the growth of muscles can only further bleed the target muscle group. To increase the diameter of blood vessels, and with it the level of exertion during exercise in isolation should stay at the top for a few seconds.

Another way to achieve a powerful pump is to increase the number of repetitions. Each exercise should be performed at least twelve times. If the athlete feels that they are able to do, you can safely increase the number of repetitions, the maximum filling with blood to the working muscle.

Fitness training in isolation for biceps

  • Upgrades on the Scott bench

This exercise should be performed with the right weight dumbbells or stamped forms EZ as a regular classified position of hands becomes unstable and increases the possibility of injury. When you perform a fitness training, the burden falls on the lower area of the bicep.

You need to sit down on a bench and place hands so that the triceps was directly to the simulator, and the elbows apart at shoulder width. Slowly raising a barbell or dumbbell to the maximum point, it is necessary to ensure full load on the biceps, so you should not hold your sports equipment. Then you have to gradually give up. Subject to proper technique the biceps will be the most intense.

  • Pull the lower block

This training is perfect for additional pumping of the biceps, as it contributes to continuous and full load on the muscles.

Execution: grasp the handle of the lower block, tightly clutching the elbows to the torso and rigidly fixing their position. Slowly pull the block upwards, the maximum straining biceps then smoothly lower.

Lifting dumbbells for biceps
This is an effective exercise aimed at creating biceps. When you run, you must try to feel the muscle.

Concentrated lifting on a biceps (isolation exercises)

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