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Isolated exercise for the leveling feet

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To date, the leg curl is one of the most popular leg exercises. And for good reason. Simple technique suitable for both novice and experienced athletes.

Girls like this exercise for its effectiveness in the formation of slender, toned legs. In addition, bending of feet lying on the simulator will not leave indifferent representatives of a strong half of mankind, and provide all the attention to your person (at run time so exactly). Men also need to include this exercise in your exercise plan to pump your legs in balance with the torso, shoulders and arms. In this article we will discuss the subtleties of the exercise.


The lying leg curl is an isolated exercise. Its task is to study the back of the hamstrings – the surface where is located a two-headed muscle, is the largest in this group. The work also involves polosuhina and paliperidonesee muscles. To weed out injuries and aesthetic appearance it is important to evenly develop the muscle fibers of the anterior and posterior surfaces of the thighs. Therefore, apart from the lunges and squats in your training complex must necessarily be an exercise in bending the legs in the supine position.

It is recommended to perform after the basic exercises. As an example, leg press and deadlifts will help build muscle and increase, in that time, as bending the legs in the supine position only creates a beautiful, textured surface. Another indisputable advantage is the increased strength and endurance to complete the base. So exercise can be defined as complementary.

This exercise allows you to keep muscles toned and helps to prevent the appearance of sagging skin under the buttocks and the knee joints.

A special device to perform this isolation exercise is in almost every gym. Thus, the availability, efficiency, and simplicity in engineering – all this makes bending the legs in the supine position attractive to all.

The simulator can be adjusted to your height. For this it is necessary to move the lower roller. Convenient is the ability to adjust the weight you intend to lift with your legs. Beginners are recommended to work with weighing several tens of kilograms with a small number of repetitions (15-20 times for one approach).

Once you are warmed up and properly warmed up muscle fibers, you can begin to implement:

  • Starting position: lie on the bench of the simulator on the floor. Place the bend of the bench should be positioned in the lumbar region and the knees in an inverted position. Feet should be placed in parallel relative to each other under the roller, while the emphasis in it is the back of the ankles. Thigh and butt pressed to the trainer and recorded (not fidgeting when performing flexion). With your hands firmly grab the handlebars. Look at the floor, in this position of the head will not strain the cervical spine.
  • To breath without lifting your pelvis from the bench, raise legs cushion to the buttocks. Movement is not sharp, measured. At the top fixate for a few seconds, breathe out. On the inhale lower legs to the starting position. During this exercise tense all the time press and buttocks.
  • To increase the number of repetitions, approaches and additional weight must be gradually, to the extent of habituation of the muscles to stress. You can start with 15-20 flexion of the feet, weighing up to 20 kg Repeat 3-4 approach. Between trips let your muscles a chance to relax, for their elasticity stretch.
  • Adhering to correct techniques of executing exercises, you will achieve desired results and avoid injuries. Remember to lift the roller should be at the expense of the leg curl. At the same strain needs only the muscles back of the thigh, in some cases also calf (we will tell about them later). If you experience discomfort or pain, contact your coach. Maybe you do the exercise incorrectly, or it is contraindicated.

    Variations of exercises

    Above, we described the classical bending of feet lying. However, there are different versions of it run on different machines:

    1. Fulfillment sitting

    In your gym you can detect the simulator, equipped with a bench designed for sitting. In General, the technique remains the same except for a few nuances. Your back should be upright, not rounding it and not caving in, the sight is directed in front of him. The legs are under the cushion, and over it.

    Bending the legs in a sitting position has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantages: it is easier to follow the breath, no pressure on the abdomen, better worked out polosuhina and paliperidonesee muscle fibers (the problem area is the inner thigh). As a minus it is possible to allocate a greater strain on the knees and wear with the incorrect range of the leg curl.

    2. Execution standing

    Runs each leg alternately. Starting position: standing, the body leaning on the cushion of the exerciser, and a leg of the factory under the roller (as if lying down, the focus is the rear part of the ankle). On the exhale bend the leg hold at the end point at the top for a few seconds on the inhale – straighten. The body is fixed and working muscle fibers the back of the hamstrings 1st leg. 15-20 repetitions for one approach for each.

    In practice, bending the legs in a standing position is considered to be slightly more effective than exercise in the supine position due to the greater electrical activity in the hamstrings.

    3. Bending the legs with different positions of stop

    Small, it would seem that the change in the setting stop can have a different effect on the result. Starting position and technique of the exercise is identical to the classic version. The legs are still parallel to each other. But you can connect your heels and raise socks. Then the load on the external part of the thigh, and it will be worked better. If, however, attention should be paid to the inner thigh – simply add heels and match socks. This option is also worth a try, if you run normal you are experiencing a burning sensation in the calf muscles.

    For the harmonious and balanced development of muscles it is helpful to alternate different types of exercise. Be alert to which muscles are lagging behind and shift focus on their study. In addition, due to the alternation, the muscles will not be as used to the load, and you do not get bored by monotonous exercise.

    Do not stop, continue to improve. We wish you to achieve the goals and good results on your body.

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