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Is there an optimal dose of protein?

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Is there an optimal dose of protein?

Fitness classes increase the body’s need for proteins. But this does not mean that the daily dose of protein you can increase to any size. There is the upper limit – a limit beyond which the level of protein intake becomes excessive. Going beyond the permissible doses, the athlete risks not only to win nothing from this, but also cause damage to your muscles.

Proteins: daily intake and assimilation

The human body can’t digest the proteins in large volumes. A diet high content of protein products and sports nutrition on the basis of the proteins effectively work if each kilogram of body weight of the athlete is not more than 2.4 g of protein per day. Dose over 2.4 g attempt to stimulate muscle anabolism meaningless.

In the preparation of a sports diet fans of fitness you need to take into account the experimentally proved fact: when you eat 0.8 g per 1 kg of body weight is not absorbed 14% protein, with 1.8 g of 25%, while receiving 3.6 g not digested 54% consumed from food and supplements of proteins. As you can see, the human body is able to absorb only a certain amount of protein. The digestion of other proteins is inhibited, the ability to remove excess amino acids increases.

Nutrition for muscle mass: proteins do not work without carbs

Athletes know that protein alone is not enough to increase muscle mass. Of course, the key element of muscle fibers are amino acids, but carbohydrates for the growth of muscles also required. Therefore, in the period of muscle mass bodybuilders is not recommended to sit on a strict diet. The lack of energy negatively affects the processes of muscle anabolism.

Interesting results were obtained in one experiment, 2005. Athletes who for two months had increased muscle mass, showed the best dynamics when increased carbohydrate intake and not proteins.

Excess protein in the diet of an athlete: the effect on anabolism

Excessive intake of protein affects the hormonal background. If you constantly exceed the daily rate of the athlete (2-3 g), can worsen the secretion of testosterone hormone with anabolic properties. In addition, due to the large number of proteins increases the level miastenia. And it is a protein that inhibits muscle hypertrophy, inhibits the growth and development of muscle tissue.

The link between protein and testosterone levels revealed a study conducted in 2004. It is established that during intense strength training diet with a high protein content and (or) the lack of fat can disrupt hormonal balance necessary for the successful flow of anabolic processes.

Thus, to include in the diet too much protein is pointless and even harmful. Partly, they’re just not metabolized and excreted. And the excess, which is in the form of amino acids come into the blood, may provoke consequences quite the opposite of the expected.

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