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Is it true that black tea lose weight?

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Everyone has heard that green tea helps to lose weight, but few people know that black tea has the same properties. What tea effective for weight loss – black or green?

Surely you’ve heard that green tea is effective for weight loss, many people have experienced its effect on themselves and were satisfied. Scientists from the University of California at Los Angeles found that losing the extra pounds helps not only green, but also black tea. Their work is published in the European journal of nutrition, an experiment was conducted involving mice.

In the study, mice were divided into four groups, each of them has got a certain power:

  • Little sugar and fat;
  • A lot of sugar and fat;
  • A lot of fat and sugar + black tea extract;
  • A lot of fat and sugar + green tea extract.

In the experiment, the scientists determined the amount of fat in the body mice, condition of the intestinal microflora and the liver condition. Both groups of mice who consumed tea extracts, gained less body fat despite a high-calorie diet with lots of fat and sugar. The effect is due to the fact that black and green tea is rich in polyphenols, this antioxidant plays an important role in losing weight and cardiovascular health. But the polyphenols in black and green tea have different properties.

Polyphenols from green tea quickly into the blood, previous studies have shown that green tea extract affects liver function and metabolism, thus increasing weight loss. Black tea works differently, its polyphenols are larger and they are more difficult to penetrate into the blood.

Extract of black tea influences intestinal microflora, also supports the metabolism, but does it differently.

Given a study with mice showed that gut flora is influenced both black and green tea, but black tea has led to the increase in the number of special bacteria called Pseudobutyrivibrio, and short-chain fatty acids. Due to this, black tea effective for weight loss, the study was conducted only on mice, but scientists insist that his results are applicable to humans.

Monitoring of intestinal microflora in mice have shown that both green and black tea are prebiotics, substances that promote the increase in the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut. You do not need to think that a few cups of tea a day will help melt excess fat to maintain a metabolism that will not be effective without intense training and work on muscle mass.

It turns out that black tea weight loss no less effective than green, but its effect is minor. In order to enhance effectiveness in weight loss green or black tea, you have to train and eat right. Drinking tea without sugar, in this case, the drink will contain calories.

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