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Is it right to force a partner to lose weight?

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Correctly to make your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife to lose weight? What will this behavior – the benefits for a loved one or the breakdown of the relationship?

Is it right to force your loved one to lose weight? Many people will say that it is wrong, they will argue that everyone is responsible for your body and can make decisions about his physique. I remember a joke that the easiest way to lose weight is to break up with an annoying partner.

Opponents of the coercion of a partner to lose weight are thinking very superficially. It seems that the main motive is physical unattractiveness full of human. In connection with this comes a lot of conversations that need to appreciate not only the appearance, the main thing – inner peace and spiritual values. But the extra weight is not only an aesthetic problem, in fact for most people it does not matter how the looks of their partner.

Extra pounds not only to hide the beauty of the figure, but also bring a number of health problems.

Beauty is only the tip of the iceberg, obesity hinders to lead a normal lifestyle and to be active.

On this basis, the desire to change your partner is not selfish thoughts about physical attraction, and the desire to make a loved one healthier and happier.

No one likes to see his favorite person is engaged in self-destruction, so the desire to partner changed their way of life, it is permissible and reasonable. So people care about the emotional and physical well-being of a loved one, but also about stability and peace in the relationship. If one of the partners from day to day quietly watching as the second approaches the obesity, diabetes and related problems, it is not the best way characterizes the relationship of the pair.

To Express their desire to partner is only the beginning, in the case of full consent of man will have a difficult path, he will need the support and understanding. The best way to help the partner to get rid of excess weight is to maintain it, to make it clear that you completely share his values. Hard to take advice from a man who himself is not seeking to follow them. It is important to lead by example a healthy lifestyle, but not from the perspective of the mentor, and the position is equal. You need to be tolerant to failures, which inevitably occur when trying to lose weight, not to condemn for failing, to provide full support.

Thus, the answer to the question of whether to make your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife to lose weight, depends on the motivation. If the urge is shaped by thoughts about physical beauty and attractiveness, that appeal to weight loss will be selfish and dishonest. If you’re driven by the desire to make the life of his partner, prosperous, take care of his health and well-being, then you can act. Sincerity is determined by using the process of weight loss and provided support.

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