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Is it possible to train twice a day?

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What happens if you train twice a day? This strategy can lead to improved forms and sports performance and overtraining, complete apathy to the sport.

Training twice a day can seem like a busy sports schedule, but it all depends on the organization of classes. Two full intensive training will be able to withstand not everyone, but if you break basic training into two parts, it will bring certain advantages. If you spend part of your workout in the morning and continue it in the evening, the body will have time to relax and recharge, both halves of the training will be held at the limit of intensity.

About exercise you have to think about work, break and change of activities allow you to return to work with renewed energy and fresh ideas. The total duration of training depends on the level of activity and goals, two half-hour workouts every morning and evening, will be more effective than one hour training.

After the first half of the workout in the morning quickens heart rate, increases blood circulation and blood flow to muscle tissue, the body tires and enters a state of stress. A few hours of relaxation and normalize the physiological indices, normalizes hormonal balance, heart rate and blood flow, especially if after the first workout, eat correctly and take advantage of a fitness video.

Training twice a day is ideal for the task of building muscle mass. Loading muscles twice a day, eat more often, you provide them an incentive for growth. Each workout increases the degree of adaptation of the muscles and enhances protein synthesis and training to make muscles grow faster.

Another advantage is the acceleration of exchange processes, physical loading increases the rate of metabolism and maintain it at a high level several hours after exercise. The division of training into two parts allows you to spend more calories, it speeds up the process of weight loss. However, the effect of the acceleration of the metabolism will not be strong enough to afford to eat and not count calories.

Training twice a day is ideal for people whose lives are very tightly loaded with work and social commitments. Physical activity in the morning energized and give emotional strength to overcome daily difficulties, and playing sports in the evenings to help get rid of stress, to escape from thinking about work and tune in to the rest.

Most people fall asleep easier, if you train in the evenings.

But before you go to training, you need to take into account one circumstance. The usual split training into two part holds the body of his unusual burden, the total duration of physical activity remains the same, but the load will be higher. If you ignore the adaptation to the new regime, the risk to overtraining and sports injuries. It is important to listen to the sensations of the body and at the right time to reduce the intensity or even stop it.

When switching to training you must take the time to warm-up before each of them, it is also important to ensure that the intervals between the training sessions lasted for at least 4-5 hours. A reasonable approach training two times a day will not bring overtraining, by contrast, will accelerate the achievement of goals.

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