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Is it possible to train at night?

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Not everyone can boast that they are morning people, many people, free time and desire to do something only appear at night. In this regard, the question arises whether it is possible to train at night?

If you’re not a morning person, but strive to lead a healthy lifestyle, then sooner or later you’ll think about it – you can train at night or such employment will not benefit? Many people combine late biorhythms active life, time and desire to do something they have late evening or even at night. Various experts have expressed the opposite opinion about night training.

Experts in the field of fitness is usually do not give value to time, the main thing that it was combined with way of life. They argue that all people are different, and this is normal, and exercise at night is better than none. But they warn that in less than three hours before bedtime, with a high probability will create difficulty falling asleep.

During active physical activity increases the heart rate and body temperature, produces a lot of adrenaline is not conducive to sleepy mood. While training at the right time improves quality of sleep, they create a natural fatigue after which the body needs to recover, i.e. sleep.

In order to determine how exercise affects your sleep, you need to conduct a few experiments, that is, to exercise at different times and observe his condition. Bring in a training diary not only complete data on occupation, but also information about the dream on the day of the training – the quality of sleep, speed of falling asleep, the feeling of cheerfulness in the morning.

Some people are able to sleep in an hour after a workout, they can train at night without worry of consequences.

It is important to take into account the type of exercise. After the cardio exertion the body needs more time to return to a state of peace. Heavy and prolonged cardio training will raise the level of the pleasure hormone endorphin, it can make falling asleep at least two hours after class. Strength training takes less time and brings more muscle fatigue, sleep after it is much easier than after cardio.

An important question concerns meals, it is known that you need to snack before and after exercise, but also know that there are many undesirable at night. Before and after a night exercise the body has to get the same amount of calories and nutrients, as usual, but the springs should be light foods, for example, yogurt with fruit or a serving of salmon with broccoli. The amount and ratio of nutrients depends on the type of training, on average it is recommended to consume carbohydrates and protein in combination of 3:1.

They say that eating at night makes people fat, whether it refers to the snack after a night workout? Experts in the field of nutrition and dietetics agree that after hard training the body needs to obtain nutrients for recovery. If there is a risk of excess weight, then you need to correctly calculate the ratio of nutrients, increasing the amount of protein.

If classes in later totally fit into your life schedule and diet, you can be trained at night, but not at the expense of sleep. Physical activity with a lack of sleep Deplete the body, they do more harm than good. If there is a choice between training and a full eight-hour night’s sleep, then you need to prefer sleep.

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