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Is it possible to do push-UPS every day: guidelines and exercise equipment

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Is it possible to do push-UPS every day: guidelines and exercise equipment

The contents

  • The traditional technique exercises “Push-UPS”
  • Principles of power fitness workouts
  • General recommendations for fitness with push-UPS

Pushups and their variations are the most common exercise movements used in almost every fitness program. High popularity of this exercise due to its affordability and efficiency. Regularly wrung out, not only to strengthen the muscles of the torso, buttocks and legs, but also to significantly improve physical fitness, develop strength, endurance and coordination. To extract the maximum benefit from fitness with push-UPS, it is important to organize the training process, taking into account all possible nuances of providing physical activity.

The traditional technique exercises “Push-UPS”

Types of push-UPS a lot, so any person, regardless of the degree of training of the muscles, can choose for themselves the best option. Beginners with low fitness levels of bench from the wall, elevated from the floor or with support on the knees. Athletic people need to practice this exercise in more sophisticated techniques, which include, for example, push-UPS on one arm on the stand or upside down.

It is considered a traditional technique that involves the implementation of such sequence of actions:

  • Take the starting position throughout the exercise.

For this you need to sit or bend over and rest your palms into the floor, keeping the hands between the distance, roughly coinciding with the width of the shoulders. You should then take the lower limb back and lean on the socks feet. The muscles of the whole body, especially the back, abs and hips, it is important to strain to lock the torso in the forward horizontal position. The pelvis should not SAG or ride up and back is rounded. To accept the starting posture from the prone position on the abdomen with emphasis on the palm and socks and raising the torso to a desired level by extension of the elbows.

  • To begin the active phase of the exercise.

While in the starting pose, you must breathe in and breath-hold bend elbows, lowering torso as low to the floor. When between his face and breast will be only a few centimeters, and the muscle tension reaches a peak, you should do exhalation.

  • Go in a negative phase.

Continuing to exhale, slowly straighten your elbows and raise your own weight, thus returning to the starting position to complete the exercise again.

Principles of power fitness workouts

Push-UPS are basic power exercises, therefore, to obtain a positive result from their performance needs, organizing the training process, consider the following principles of anaerobic training:

  • in the provision of regular physical exercise muscle tissue to adapt to such effects.

This happens because in each fitness workout muscles get micro. In the process of rebuilding muscle fibers thicken and harden. If the load does not increase, then, in the end, the muscles will get used to it and will cease to regenerate and develop. Therefore, to obtain the effective result is important not only regular exercise, but systematic increasing of the load. The easiest way to increase the force of physical impact on the muscles is the implementation of a greater number of repetitions. Moreover, to increase the load, you can do a more complex version of the push UPS;

  • too often the conduct of fitness activities with the aim of obtaining the most rapid positive result is ineffective.

This tactic organization of the training process has a negative impact on muscle development and overall health. To explain this pattern is very easy. The muscles to fully recover, time is necessary. Depending on the specific muscle groups and intensity exerted on it load regeneration can last from 24 to 72 hours. After that comes the phase of supercompensation. Conducting fitness training in the period when this phase has not yet arrived and muscles did not recover fully, leading to so-called overtraining. It is characterized by the lack of results, the decline in physical capacity and deterioration of health;

  • before the main physical activity you need to have a warm-up.

Fitness workout which workout is ignored or is of poor quality, extremely traumatic and not give the expected result. Experienced in law enforcement areas of fitness experts say it’s better to do a complete warm-up and reduce the base load, than to neglect the pre warm-up the muscles and connective tissues, as well as of the joints. Power fitness classes are recommended to start with light cardio, joint exercises and perform warm-up approaches the basic elements of a fitness program. Warm-up approach involves working without weight or with minimum weight.

General recommendations for fitness with push-UPS

Conducting fitness classes, which are based on push-UPS, it is advisable to take into account the following guidelines to make the work extremely effective and safe:

  • schedule of classes depends on the initial level of physical training, selected equipment push-UPS and the total load intensity. Beginners should do push-UPS not more than 3-4 times a week so that the muscles have had an opportunity to recover. In this case, haste can lead to positive and negative outcome. People with developed muscles and sufficient experience in the fitness training can afford to perform push-UPS daily, self-adjusting the intensity of the load;
  • conducting warm-up before training with pushups as cardio, it is recommended to use a jumping rope. Warm-up approach should include push-UPS, performed with the technique, for example, from a wall;
  • after your main physical activity is recommended to conduct a hitch-based exercises to stretch muscles of the chest, back and entire shoulder girdle. These actions will accelerate the regeneration of muscle tissue.

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