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Is it possible to build a press to cubes in just a week

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Washboard abs and toned belly is the dream of many women. Because fat is almost all and even thin people. Because the belly, this place is one of the most common where fat. Therefore, every person interested in how to pump up press during the week before the cubes. That goal is achievable, but only if you have the desire to work hard for him every day.

What is the press?

The abdominal press is the muscular system, which consists of four main muscles, namely: the internal oblique, straight, transverse and external oblique. They are responsible for different cycles of movements. And of course, to each pump, you need to perform separate exercises.

How to pump up press during the week the girl and why?

Initially, you need to understand what is the cause of the sagging belly. There are only two possible options. The first is weak muscles of the abdomen and the whole crust, and the second increased body fat. If the cause in the second, it is necessary to stick to a low calorie diet and reduce carbohydrate intake. Because they contribute to the deposition of fat on our sides, waist and abdomen. At the same time to increase the intensity of exercise.

A basic 2 step to achieve relief of stomach:

  • a daily workout;
  • low-calorie diet (diet).

Better to start with power, as a kind of Foundation for the coveted dice.

Under the order should be flour, salt, fat, sweet, processed foods and of course fast food.

Drink fresh juices of natural berries and plain water. Do not disturb the water balance of the body, drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water a day. In no case do not overeat to satiety, it is better to eat small meals about 4 – 5 meals during the day. Do not starve! The body for its normal functioning need to get the vitamins and minerals. Your diet has to be protein and foods rich in fiber.

Here is an example of exercises that focus only on the female sex. Unlike men their abdominal muscles more fragile, but also perfectly amenable to training. For this it is necessary to promptly increase the load. To download the press try every day, to get cubes.

Exercise No1

Do the exercises in order, with a break of 15 – 20 seconds for 10 times each. Three approach. Break in for one minute after each set. All classes are performed according to this scheme.

  • Twisting the normal side.
  • Lifting the legs from a prone position.

Working the entire muscular system of the press.

To get the cubes on your stomach of these exercises is not enough. When the body adapts to the load, it is necessary to increase it. So after two days of diligent training, go to the next.

Workout No2

  • Sit-UPS to 45 degree angle.
  • Bike.
  • The deflection of the back.
  • Vacuum.

Two days later, this exercise completely change the set of exercises. After they have the muscle to burn and the result will not keep itself waiting.

Workout No3

  • The reverse twisting.
  • Horizontal scissors.
  • Exercise “The Hundred”.
  • Strap.

In principle, complex enough, and all any of dozens of possible exercises.

  • Do not suck oblique muscles by tilting to the side with different weights (dumbbells, kettlebells, plates or a bottle filled with water).
  • The slopes in a special store for hyperextension is also prohibited.
  • The productivity of training depends on the correct organization

    Many experienced coaches suggest:

    • train on empty stomach;
    • do not exercise before bedtime, at least 4 hours before bedtime;
    • do not overload the body hour classes. Each, no more than thirty repetitions.

    Following the above recommendations, you will easily be able to pump up the cubes in one week.

    Relief tummy is the dream, but knowing how to pump up the cubes to the girl for a week, it will become a reality.

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