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Ironman triathlon: the iron race

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The triathlon is called the complex of the three sports areas, we try to overcome in turn, and without stopping. There are several varieties of triathlon, but recently, a special popularity has acquired a kind of “Ironman”. What is it?

The most prestigious and the most difficult match of all time under the name Ironman was founded in 1978. The main difference from other events is that the goal of each player is to overcome himself. The main rival is the fatigue, and the main ally – the enduring will to win. No matter last or first you’re finished, it is important that you get to the end.

Ironman consists of three stages that run sequentially without interruption:

  • Swimming.
  • Race.
  • Race.

All the distance you need to have time to go strictly for 17 hours, no more. Each stage has a time limit: swim – 2 hours 20 min, bike check-in before 17:30 and the run ends exactly at 00:00. Did not manage to finish? Disqualifiziert. If you have time, you won.

Who was the first leader?

The first date in the history of the early Ironman – 18.02.1978. Everyone participating was given a note with the words that are now the motto of the iron races.

This day started with 15 people and finished – 12. Was leading citizen of America Gordon Haller, who coped with the distance in 11:46:58.

Record a long contest

Most long to finish was Walt Stack – 26 h 20 min. At that time, in 1981, he was 73. This case has affected the installation of the upper temporal border in 17 hours. By the way, the record was not embarrassed by the result – at that time, he covered 27 miles, repeatedly swam into the Bay and traveled by bike almost all the hilly terrain around San Francisco.

An iron will and a huge amount of charm – thanks to these qualities, Nike has an idea, bro Walt part in shooting a commercial.
The most difficult Ironman

Currently, the most difficult Ironman triathlon is held on the territory of Norway. Swim passes across the fjord at a temperature of 12-15 C, Cycling in the mountains, and the race will finish at altitude 42 km. The total length of all stages is 226 km away. the Competition in such conditions can be called the most powerful challenges to human possibilities.

Interesting fact: more than half involved the Norwegians, and 15% of all athletes were women.

Tattoo in honor of the competition

The world triathlon Corporation, which organizes, promotes and licenses the Ironman every race, has their logo, often chosen as a tattoo sketch.

Two letters – IM – athletes beat usually the calf muscles, although this location is only a custom and not a strict rule. Triathletes and Ironmen still arguing about who has a right to this tattoo. But the only thing converge opinion: IM unable to fill those who reached the finish at least one Ironman competition.

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