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Into the future: fitness-trends 2019

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At the moment it is already possible to assess trends in fitness will be popular in 2019. This is the most current trends, they will allow you to stay in shape and to follow the spirit of the time.

Despite the fact that the basis of fitness remains unchanged in this area every year and new directions. The basic part of fitness is in several points – spend more calories than you obtain, get calories from healthy foods, be physically active. Approach to physical activity is constantly changing, every person is in search of a perfect workout for myself, and it has the ability to get it.

This list of popular fitness trends was compiled based on the global demand for training in different areas, as well as on the comparison of the data for training and placement of certified fitness professionals. From the list fell out and strength-training classes at the gym, they were replaced no less interesting direction.

Exercises with its own weight

This tendency to ignore the only fans of iron, the rest have like use own body as a tool for strengthening and growth of muscles. Workout weight safe, effectively. If you think that workout without equipment easy, then you never did. Classes with their own weight are not only in the form of personal training, but also in the form of group programs, which also occupy a worthy place in the list of current trends for 2019.

Fitness program for people of age

At the age of 40 to build muscle mass becomes very difficult, for this requires special circuits, with an emphasis on strength, flexibility and mobility. Fitness is popular not only among young people, programs for people middle-aged and elderly will become one of the trends for 2019. Fitness for people aged 50-60 years minimizes the risk of injury, the goal is the preservation of health in the long term.

High intensity interval training HIIT

The popularity of HIIT due to the desire of people effectively burn calories in a short time. Such training is based on alternating short periods of work at maximum intensity and short periods of lower intensity for the rest.

High-intensity interval training speeds up metabolism and strengthens the heart for one class burns at least 500 calories.
Group programs

This direction has maintained its popularity for the second year in a row, in recent years it has undergone some changes. Training in small groups is not so popular, the most common size of the groups of five people.

Fitness trackers

Manufacturers correct errors and make their devices more accurate, that the use of fitness trackers is getting more popular. To use smart watches, trackers or other device is appropriate for training in any format, thanks to gadgets approach to Amateur fitness becomes more professional.

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