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Interval fitness to big muscles and health

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Interval fitness to big muscles and health
The contents

  • How it works
  • Running and sprinting in interval fitness
  • Walking and sprinting in the gym
  • Jumping
  • Fitness exercise-pushups circular
  • Circular squat
  • Pushups and squats for the prevention of obesity
  • Circular burpee

Fitness, along with maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle, gaining more and more fans. Sport is not only fashionable but also useful. The growing popularity and high intensity interval training. And not surprising, because the chosen direction offers an alternative way of training for those who have no time to adhere to the schedule of group classes or visit the gym. Functional fitness helps simultaneously to save time and to achieve impressive results in terms of endurance and strength.

How it works

In the process of high-intensity fitness heart rate rises almost to the maximum, followed by a little rest or less intense exercise. Further, the scheme “high-intensity work-relaxation” is repeated.

The alternation of exercises of medium and high intensity allows you to do more in a shorter period of time. The goal is to increase your anaerobic and aerobic potential, that is, increase strength and endurance at the same time. Unlike Jogging for long distances, which increases aerobic capacity, run for a short distance gradually increases not only aerobic, but also anaerobic capacity. Such loads contribute to improving the metabolism, quality of health, shows people who are overweight, but only in the absence of contraindications.

You can alternate the various types of loads. Let’s look at the most popular models of interval fitness to increase cardio and strength capacity and enhanced calorie consumption.

Running and sprinting in interval fitness

Alternating slow Jogging with sprint running — not too easy, but quite effective. Fitness exercise, like alternating sprinting and walking, which are discussed next. Instead of walk need to run at a moderate pace. The name itself speaks about the severity of your intended workload. The scheme looks like — every 10 minutes of running should be possible to accelerate for 3-5 minutes. This alternation will ensure active development of body muscles and the cardiovascular system. Literally a half-hour workout allows you to feel exhausted.

Walking and sprinting in the gym

This interval fitness training should be relatively easy. As mentioned earlier, it must start beginners.

The most common scheme 30/30 at 30-second walk follows a 30-second sprint. You must make at least ten repetitions of the alternating speeds in order to feel sufficient fatigue and heat in the body. A burning sensation in the muscles is a reliable indication that the training was successful.

Most after the fourth repetition experience incredible fatigue. However, continuing to perform the exercise before the required 10 times, celebrates the awakening of the “second breath”, and the subsequent sense of moral satisfaction. High-intensity fitness classes are suitable for people of young and middle-aged in the absence of contraindications. For children and the elderly need to make a personalized program based on individual performance and health.


Jumping out of position in the squat is a complicated exercise. To run it without a preliminary warming-up of muscles and joints, in contrast to the “walk and sprint” (in this case, this exercise serves as a warm-up), in any case impossible. If the fitness exercise is too difficult, it is better to start with running side steps, ie sideways. In the first case, run 10 of these jumps, the second not less than 50, then organize yourself with a short rest up to 1 minute.

Fitness exercise-pushups circular

Circular push-UPS, and they were endless. It sounds “fun”, isn’t it? Not 1, not even 10, and infinite. To perform this intensity interval exercise you need to do 8-10 push UPS, alternating with thirty-second rest. Then repeat the circuit.

Over time, you can increase the number of pushups, and rest time reduced to 15 seconds, Pro can reduce up to 10. Those who can’t do push-UPS full to start the exercise in the position of the knee. The number of sets can be anything else. Most commonly used 10-approach course 1 training.

Circular squat

Little who loves squats, however, their performance is impossible to argue, especially in the case of an infinite circular sit-UPS. The biggest problem of this exercise is to improper technique. Therefore, before proceeding to a circular training, you need to reliably verify whether they are running. Fitness exercise, squats are performed with your back straight, your knees should not go over your toes, looking for all the time you need straight, it will help to keep the body in the correct position.

It is especially difficult to coordinate their movements for the first time. To do this, enlist the support of video lessons and a large mirror. It is also useful to perform the first squat under the control of fitness instructor in the gym.

After mastering the techniques you can start implementing high intensity exercise. For this you need to sit down 10 times, then do a 30-second rest and repeat the cycle. To complicate exercises can be squat alternately on each leg individually. Free leg when you do this, you need to put in the work, as if making a curtsey.

Pushups and squats for the prevention of obesity

Fitness classes require different types of load. In this case, one of high-intensity exercise are combined from 2 traditional. This is the pushups and squats. During execution, you must do 10 squats, then 10 push UPS (knees for beginners), then to organize a 30-second rest. Approaches have to do 7-10.

Reading technique of performing high-intensity exercise, it seems that not that it and high. In order for these thoughts to dispel, just to try to fulfill it. This is one of the best interval systems for a total-body workout and accelerated calorie consumption — the prevention of the development of obesity.

Circular burpee

In the whole world, perhaps he could find a man who likes to perform a burpee. However, this does not reduce its effectiveness. High-intensity set of exercises consists of 3 simple. It’s push-UPS in push-up position into a squat with jumping and cotton. Even 8 of these ligaments to affect the good result of the workout. After them you should make a minute break and start again. In this case, 6-7 approaches for a beginner will be enough. A Pro should be run to “ugh, I can’t”, then do it again.

Any workout, especially high intensity, has its contraindications, so before you start exercising you need to consult with your doctor. In the process of exercise should be closely monitored for sensations. Pain, discomfort, beyond the scope of the working muscles — a signal to stop and seek medical help. You should also not neglect the correct start and end a workout, you perform warm-up and cool-down. In the end, it is useful to conduct breathing exercises and feasible, recreational elements of stretch marks.

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