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Interval fitness slimming at home

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Interval fitness slimming at home
The contents

  • What is interval training?
  • The principles of interval fitness training
  • Types of interval training for weight loss
  • Popular exercises for fat burning

To keep your body slim and fit, it is not enough to follow the diet. The body also needs exercise. One of the best ways of burning fat is recognized as interval training. They do real weight loss of 8 kg in a month. At the same time, due to the high efficiency of this system, fitness classes do not take much time. Another undeniable advantage of the cyclic training is that they learn independently by studying at home.

What is interval training?

High intensity interval training based on the program used in the 60-ies of the last century for the training of professional athletes. This system is popular now. It is based on the alternation of short periods of exercise and light intensity, respectively, when the body works with maximum efficiency and rebounding. Intervals can be tied to the workout time or distance, depending on the sport.

It would seem more effective for fat-burning aerobics. After all, when doing low intensity, the body begins to produce energy from fat. But for this to happen, you need to do at least an hour, because the fat burning process only starts after 20-40 minutes from the beginning of the workout.

The mechanism of action of interval fitness classes:

  • Cyclic training is characterized by the fact that during training the body periodically approaching the aerobic threshold, then going into anaerobic mode. The body begins to produce energy from fats and from carbohydrates.
  • The most important thing happens after a workout, when the body is out of carbohydrates, requires additional energy. The body begins to “recharge” from the only available source of fat reserves.

That is why a small time interval training to be effective in reducing weight.

The principles of interval fitness training

Interval training is widely regarded as boring, because it implies a permanent repetition of the same exercises with different intensity. However, its effectiveness for weight loss and muscle training.

Before the start of classes in a circular pattern, you must examine their principles.

  • As interval training are a number of contraindications (problems with the heart or blood vessels, some chronic diseases) should before the start of classes to consult with your doctor.
  • At first, the ratio of duration of high-intensity intervals to quiet should be 1:1,5. At the same time, periods of high activity is from 10 seconds to 2 minutes, and the whole workout should not take longer than 15 minutes. To increase the number of repetitions and duration of the training after habituation of the organism to the load.
  • As with any exercise, the interval should begin with a warm-up. To warm up the ligaments and muscles, you can do swings, tilts and lunges.
  • The frequency of fitness training depends on the level of training and stamina. To give the body a chance to recover, beginners enough to hold 2-3 classes a week.
  • During training it is necessary to monitor the pulse. It needs to remain within specified values: 40-60% of maximum heart rate during periods of low load intensity, 60-90% in intervals of elevated activity.
  • To calculate your maximum heart rate (MCSS) according to the formula:

    MCS = 220 — age in years.

    Types of interval training for weight loss

    If your primary aim is weight loss, interval training is considered for this one of the best ways. Their advantage is the short duration, simplicity and absence of special hardware requirements. All this explains the fact that many are successfully using interval training, doing fitness at home. In fact, what is the main type of performed exercises, cycle training sessions are divided into:

    • cardio;
    • aerobic;
    • power.
    • Cardio

    Cardio helps to burn fat and lose weight, if you use interval load. In this case, monotonous exercises are performed alternately active, more calmly. In such trainings you can use different types of squats, jumping rope, a variety of push-UPS.

    • Aerobic exercise

    Almost all the exercises with aerobic load can be entered in the format interval training. Most often it is:

  • run;
  • Cycling;
  • swimming;
  • walking.
    • Power training

    Weight training in an interval mode is suitable to reduce fat and increase muscle mass. You can engage at the gym or using weights.

    Popular exercises for fat burning

    Currently developed a variety of programs of interval training. They are based on various exercises, aimed at people with different preferences and levels of training. All these trainings provide quick weight loss.

    Fitness programs have online options, so they are perfect for workouts at home. Should study them and choose the most suitable. The most popular interval training:

  • Step-an interval is exercise on a step platform.
  • Best-fit — a combination of high-intensity cardiorespiratory training, power yoga and athletics.
  • Fitmix combines exercises from Pilates, fit-Boxing & fitness-yoga.
  • Fartlek is based on alternating Jogging and walking at a different pace.
  • TABATA — the four minute training, is painted per second.
    • Training system TABATA

    System TABATA, named after its Creator, Japanese doctor offers to train according to the instructions, the so-called Protocol in which the whole training is divided into intervals:

  • 20 seconds — exercise in an intensive mode;
  • 10 seconds — rest.
  • Repeat 8 times.

    For training, you can use a combination of exercises such as squats, pushups, jumping and others.

    • Fartlek

    Established in Sweden’s direction in running and walking. You can do both on the street and on the treadmill at home or in the gym. The duration of high-intensity and less active intervals are the same.

    • Cyclic training is on the bike

    The exercise bike is useful for a fat-burning workouts that strengthen the body and improve the figure. This shell sure to have all the fitness centres, and many do it at home. One of the variants of the cyclic training system little-Gibala, according to which 60 seconds continues the active phase, followed by 75 seconds of driving at a leisurely pace. The number of repetitions of cycles 8-12.

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