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Internal “barometer”: 9 signs of depression that are often overlooked

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1. That previously never bothered you, now makes you cry

Frequent desire to cry, one of the biggest signs of depression, but if you’re generally sensitive, you should pay attention to the causes that makes you cry. If nothing has changed, then most likely it is not an alarming symptom. But if you used calmly watched any movies, and now shed tears at every second or almost bitterly mourn not familiar neighbor’s dog — it can be much more serious.

2. You become more irritable

Depression is not always makes people sad. Sometimes people in this state are irritated by everything and everyone around, including those that had left them indifferent.

3. You’re not interested

In some people depression manifests itself, including a decrease in emotional reactions to the event: what had made you happy or irritable, no longer cause any reaction.

4. Increased chronic pain

Began to have a headache, migraine to last longer and cause more suffering. Also feeling stronger impact previously diagnosed with diseases like fibromyalgia.

5. You’re missing deadlines

Depression can cause memory problems and slow reactions. If you noticed that the productivity has decreased, you should consult a specialist.

6. You difficult to concentrate

The ability to focus on task is also reduced due to depression, you’re constantly distracted and blame yourself for procrastination.

7. Old interests don’t attract

Before you three times a week, went to yoga, and now haven’t been there in over a month. Or have you stopped watching your favorite TV series, meeting friends… the Experts call this state of anhedonia — “a diagnosis of the absence of joy”, the inability to get a positive out of what used to be nice.

8. Difficulty making decisions

Anyway, we all have them. But if it develops into an inability to perform active actions, when necessary, may be to blame depression.

9. Unwillingness to communicate with people

Loss of interest in other people and the desire for isolation will not make a depressed person happier. Pay attention to when the last time you socialized with friends. If it seems like a long time, you should think about the reasons. If you suspect depression in a loved one, don’t look away, and lend a helping hand. Worse will not be exact.

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