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Intense fitness: complex power and plyometric exercises

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Intense fitness: complex power and plyometric exercises
The contents

  • Description of methods of rapid correction
  • Useful recommendations for fitness workouts
  • The program for the accelerated return of the figure in the form
  • A selection of exercises for an intense fitness workout
  • Complex plyometric exercises
  • The principles of proper nutrition

A dream of a beautiful figure, pulled up the body, relief press. But one dream is not enough: to achieve the necessary result of daily, painstaking work with a clearly designed plan of effective exercise.

Upcoming holidays, high-calorie diet with an abundance of high-calorie food — a direct way to gain extra pounds. To recruit them will not be easy, but to return to the previous form, will have to try much.

For this there is an effective programme of fitness training to active development of all muscle groups and the rapid decline in fat reserves. For the month intensive, systematic lessons can not only lose excess recruited, but also qualitatively improve the condition of the body.

Description of methods of rapid correction

The particular fitness workout is designed for a month of active employment. In the initial phase (first two weeks) every effort is focused on cardio and strength exercises for different body parts, with emphasis on press.

The next stage (3-4 weeks) aimed at the elimination of physical readiness of the contractor to a qualitatively new level. Training for this phase include, in addition to basic strength, and even high-intensity plyometric exercises.

Useful recommendations for fitness workouts

For quick and quality result it is important to follow certain rules:

  • Workouts are based on a circular principle, and are performed in 3-4 sets.
  • Before the training be sure to perform warm-up warm-up. This will allow to gradually prepare the body to stress and minimizes the risk of injury.
  • At the beginning of the lessons, do the exercises with lots of repetitions, but low weight — this will allow the blood circulation in the muscles and stimulates their work. With each new set increase the weight and reduce repetition. Such a system is required to start the fat burning process in the body.
  • In the preparation of training programs include workouts, exercises, simultaneously involving several muscle groups. This will greatly enhance the effectiveness of the training process.
  • To strengthen the heart muscle and stabilize the blood vessels, after each round of exercises highlight 5-7 minutes on cardio, and spend them in an intensive mode.
  • The scheme of performing any strength exercise subject to the rule 2-1-2: 2 seconds lasts lowering weight second rest, 2 seconds is given on the weight lifting.
  • The program for the accelerated return of the figure in the form

    Throughout the entire training cycle exercise should be according to the following scheme for the seven days of the week:

  • Worked out upper body and muscle fibers press.
  • Focus on the lower body.
  • Spend quality cardio. Complete her set of exercises on a press.
  • Navigate back to the top division.
  • This day will dedicate the lower part of the body.
  • Pay attention to cardio and intense study of muscle fibers of the abdominals.
  • On the seventh day abstain from fitness workouts. Allow the body to relax and recover.
  • The second week of classes is required to undertake a similar scheme, while the other 2 weeks of training to complement the intense “explosive” exercises.

    Strict adherence to the present program of fitness training allows in short terms to adjust the figure to bring the body into a desired shape.

    A selection of exercises for an intense fitness workout

    Fitness workout should consist of 3-4 sets. In the first set, it is desirable to perform 12 repetitions of each sports item in the second — 10, in the following will be enough of 8 repetitions.

    The most effective exercises for development of the upper part of the body:

    • lift the barbell;
    • pull the dumbbells from an inclined position;
    • the chest press from a prone position on a simple or flat bench;
    • alternately lifting the dumbbells to the sides;
    • work the biceps with curved rod;
    • pullups with wide and narrow grip;
    • pushups with various hand positioning;
    • lifting legs in vis on the bar.

    To bring in the form of muscle fibers of the lower body, you need to meet the following fitness items:

    • forward and backward lunges (to enhance the effect, you can use weights);
    • classic deep squats;
    • squats;
    • exercise “gluteal bridge” (raising the pelvis from the horizontal position to the formation of a straight line from knees to head);
    • intense leg swings;
    • twisting in the art “bike”.

    Complex plyometric exercises

    Plyometric exercises are characterized in that in addition to the power component complemented by a sharp explosive movements with maximal amplitude.

    The training program can include:

    • Jogging in place or jumping with high knees to the chest;
    • jumping exercises in the technique of “jumping Jack”;
    • burpee (sharp jumping out for the classic push-UPS);
    • exercise “climber” (a quick knees up to the chest from the horizontal position with emphasis on direct hands).

    The principles of proper nutrition

    The weight is impossible without a revision of the daily diet. For weight loss, you need to ensure a calorie deficit: to expend more than you consume. In these conditions, the body will have to waste energy from its own fat reserves.

    Also good work the muscle fibers you need digestion of food rich in protein. Useful sources of protein — fish, chicken, nuts, eggs. But the carbohydrates and fats must be present in the diet in much smaller amounts. Two-thirds of the food consumed should be organic vegetables and fruits.

    You need to completely exclude from the diet of saturated TRANS fats: anything but harm and body fat they body will bring.

    For better flow of metabolic processes, the consumption of carbohydrates is better to move the first half of the day. The right combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates will make the balanced meals that will positively affect the organism and contribute to the process of weight reduction.

    Many forget about the importance of maintaining water balance. Meanwhile, the water helps to accelerate the recovery of muscle fibers after a workout. To maintain the smooth operation of the body in the day you should drink 1.5-2 liters of clean water.

    Intense exercise the desired orientation in combination with proper nutrition will strengthen muscle fibers, get rid of excess weight, to establish the function of internal organs and vital systems of the body, improve skin condition. After a month of active sessions in the mirror to confirm the effectiveness of the effort.

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