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Instructions on how to build a press in the hall

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Unfortunately, with a perfect figure no one is born. Elastic, steel abs and toned body – is, alas, not a genetic trait, but a result of proper nutrition and regular exercise.

Sagging belly to replace the beautiful pressure of any person who is willing to work hard and keep your body in good shape. If home workouts don’t produce results, then nothing remains, how to build a press in the hall where you will be dealt with by professionals.

Basic principles

Low-calorie diet, physical exercise, systematic and timely rest is a fundamental step to achieving the desired result.

To remove body fat in the abdomen is one exercise is simply impossible. Therefore, gym is recommended to combine with aerobic exercise. For example, swimming, Cycling, Jogging, jumping rope, yoga. If this is not possible, you can simply walk.

The person who was engaged in the formation of his body must be configured to work intensively a few months before the first performance.

Most of the time goes to burning excess fat and formation of elastic and abs will be only a matter of time.

Effective abdominal exercises

For the formation of the abdominal muscles, of course, preferable to choose to work in a gym what to do at home. There is a special, reliable equipment and a coach who is committed to follow the technique of performing exercises and choosing the right training program.

Now take a look at some effective exercises for the abs:

  • Lower twisting. It is to perform on the horizontal bar. Lie down straight with your hands to grab the bench to keep balance and raise the legs as high as possible. This exercise helps to work out the topography of the abdomen.
  • Not a full curl. Exercise performed on a bench with an inclination of 180 degrees. Lie on the bench, arms to lay behind your head or crossed on your chest. Slowly separate the body from the surface.
  • Lifting the legs in vis. The right equipment, wall bars or horizontal bar. Both hands over the bar, straighten the lower limbs and lift them up, follows the same pattern as lying on the floor.
  • Cleaver to do need a block simulator. To set the handle at the top and sharply pull it down. Movement work, like something cut from it and the name of the exercise.
  • Prayer do as well with a block of the simulator. To get back to the equipment, legs to breed and kneel. Bent hands to grasp the handle on the exhale, tilt your body forward and slowly return.
  • Workout plan:

    • Twist – 2 – 3 approach. You can add weights. If not, then do 15 – 20 repetitions, and when you only have 10 times to perform.
    • Leg lift – 2 – 3 approach to perform 15 – 20 repetitions.
    • The Woodman and prayer – the number of approaches 2 is 10 to 20 times.

    Further concerned if the classes are held in a comfortable environment and a painless experience for the body, it is desirable to perform increasing number of repetitions.

    It is recommended during the first weeks of training at the gym to keep up the momentum. Then, when the body adapts to a physical training to strengthen the intensity. To do this you need to properly in order not to exhaust itself with trainings.

    The correct ratio is 1 intense lesson 3 mid-tempo.

    Beginners should spend no more than three classes per week.

    Advanced already able to exercise 5 times weekly.

    Common mistakes that are made

    Striving for the rapid achievement of goals, novice traders often get tension and different kinds of injuries. Here is a list of bugs that take in sport of people from the building.

    • Before the main load you need you need to warm up the muscles.
    • Incorrect technique.
    • Violation of proper nutrition (diet).
    • To use advertised products and accessories.
    • Time does not increase the load.
    • Daily classes. Enough to train 3 – 4 times a week.

    Let’s consider another important point, without which achieve good press. Yes, it’s proper nutrition and rest.

    The power of a man who wants a beautiful body. Should include the following products:

  • chicken eggs;
  • oatmeal;
  • low-fat cottage cheese;
  • spinach;
  • apples.
  • Consumed fats should be reduce to workout beneficial. Drinking plenty of fluids is necessary, important not to disturb the water balance of the body. And another important factor, sleep at least eight hours. The body is under stress with diet and exercise, so you need to relax. Sleep promotes relaxation and rest.

    Following all the above tips on how to build a press in the hall. Success will be able to achieve even a novice with little chance.

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