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Instruction: how to tune in to a fitness workout?

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Instruction: how to tune in to a fitness workout?

The contents

  • To choose the right fitness training
  • For fitness do not try to just to conquer the peaks
  • Engage financial
  • Buy special clothes for fitness
  • Find a powerful motive
  • Study and do the exercises with pleasure!
  • Develop a sense sports rage

Every beginner there were times when he missed a training session, coming up with meaningless excuses such as bad weather or congestion to day Affairs. Some remained in their captivity, throwing away a bag with sports equipment. Rachel Newson, a psychologist of the Flinders University of Australia, involved in the study of this question, believes that there is no good reason to skip the gym, and there is laziness, self-pity and lack of self-discipline. But you can take yourself, if you follow certain rules.

To choose the right fitness training

Indeed, not all shown training in the gym, because training with heavy weights have contraindications for health reasons. Fitness and its many varieties also differ in certain features, and although not required to lift heavy loads, may not be suitable for persons with cardiovascular disease or hypotension, where the blood simply can’t keep up with body movements that provoke dizziness and nausea. But it would be a desire to exercise, and to choose for themselves the form of the optimal capacity will not be difficult. Almost without exception suitable swimming, Aqua aerobics. Many coaches suggest to start the familiarity with the sport of running, as he well prepares the body for athletic activity.

For fitness do not try to just to conquer the peaks

Many beginners begin with, that come to the gym and straight away start to join the team, spurred on by the curious glances of the pros and experienced athletes. The next morning these “Olympians” feel like they were beaten with sticks all night, and the desire to improve your figure disappears completely. Sports apply the saying “more haste less speed”, so you should start small with weights at the gym to take a small, and very small dumbbells or medium weight. For fitness to do 10-15 repetitions and 3-5.

Nobody puts a beginner behind the wheel of the truck and offers to drive to the center of Moscow. He only tries his hand at the wheel and hardly would feel at high speed or in a dense mass of traffic safely and confidently. And in sport. Better where to reduce the load or miss a single approach than to pertinents, thereby ramming your body into a state of stress.

Engage financial

Porazava payment so relaxing, but if you buy a gym membership for a month, will be sorry to miss the fitness classes and lose hard-earned money. So the Professor from the law school of Yale University Yang Ers calls this method the most simple and effective in terms of motivation. Alternatively, you can purchase a card for a certain period of time, and that is usually how it is? “In the morning I don’t have time, find time for a fitness workout day, the bulk of a lot of cases, will postpone classes for the evening, and in the evening so tired that you have no strength to go anywhere”. Knowing that a visit to the club is only 3 hours, not all day, much easier to build your schedule and tune in to the classes psychologically.

Buy special clothes for fitness

It is no secret that the special form of brand marks is not cheap, so it will be incredibly sorry for the money spent, when you decide to stop to train. But even budget options will be to work on the result and motivate the sports achievements, after all, in clothing the figure looks much trim and slimmer than in the stretched t-shirt and sweat pants home with sagging knees. Bright, vibrant colors will elevate mood, inspire positive emotions and give a burst of energy.

American blogger Marissa Lily advised to wear sports uniform as soon as you Wake up from a dream. But if you give your schedule for fitness workout in the evening time, take the duffel bag with him. The heavier it is, the better, because protaskav it all day, you will not allow themselves habitually to roll to the side of the house when returning from work, and gets to the club, come what may.

Find a powerful motive

Everyone has their own reason for fitness. Someone wants to get in shape for summer and to show his body on the beach in a bikini, someone is looking for in the gym their fate, and some are involved because such recommendations made by a doctor. Think about what you need a gym, what you expect from them? When you know a clear answer to this question, you don’t have to force yourself to do. You easily and effortlessly and will be ready to go at the appointed time, because aiming for your goal and want to get a result.

Study and do the exercises with pleasure!

Someone will say, what is there fun if it is a real job. But hard work can be fun and even turn it into a continuous celebration, if you combine the pleasant with the useful. Like to listen to music? Make for yourself a really energetic playlist! Pick up only rhythmic melodies and tracks and then exercises from fitness will cease to be a boring pastime. You can even interrupt the reading of a favorite book, to promote the bike. The most important thing is not to get involved, wanting to get to the last page and not to a negative effect in the form of heavy tired legs.

Develop a sense sports rage

Anger is not only anger and aggression, and the desire to act, to fight. Without a healthy excitement impossible to overcome laziness, to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way in the form of domestic problems and personal circumstances. You can have the best coach, the most modern equipment in the gym, but if there is no personal interest, desire to “crash”, but to succeed, there will be no result. When you are overwhelmed by laziness and apathy, remember their state after a fitness workout, as you flew home on wings as well and easily felt.

Learn to angry at yourself, scold yourself for being unable to perform a certain exercise, promise yourself that the next time it is you must succeed. It is the ability to act thus educates will and character, the desire to overcome the difficulties, including, and associated with evasion club access and fitness classes.

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