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Independently plan training: what you need to know?

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Independently plan training: what you need to know?

Preparation training takes account of individual characteristics and physical condition of man. No matter what results he wants to achieve the athlete (to lose weight or to build muscle mass), proper nutrition and a good program are the main factors for the successful achievement of goals.

Tips on preparation of lesson plan

The first year of training is especially important for beginners. It was in this period rapidly growing muscles, and gradually increase the load. To use the time with the greatest benefit for your body, you need to make an optimal plan of training. Independently develop training will help the following recommendations.

  • Training program be for a year. But every month it make minor changes. It will not allow the muscles to get used to the loads.
  • You should avoid overtraining. Athletes sometimes abuse the exercise. Some of them believe that the more you do, the sooner you will have first results. But unfortunately, with this approach a body has no time to recover. In the end, deteriorating health, loss of appetite, fatigue and lethargy. Therefore, to create a workout so you need to allow enough time for rest. It is in these days is the growth of muscle tissue.
  • Starting to work out in the gym, you should only use light weight. At this stage it is necessary to devote more time to mastering correct exercise technique. After all, it will provide more visible results and helps to avoid health problems.
  • Each training session should begin with warming up the body, and end with stretching.

How to create a workout program?

Before you start the course, should undergo a medical examination. Perhaps some exercises would be contraindicated. Depending on the task, use different training methods. For a basis we can take a ready-made program, and, based on it, create a training scheme for myself. The basic package can be supplemented with your own exercises.

However, if you are performing certain exercises, felt pain and discomfort, it is best to exclude it from the program or be replaced by another. You also need to follow the recommended guidelines and not to exceed the determined load. It is especially important to observe this condition the beginners. Indeed, any overestimation of their physical abilities will lead to unpleasant consequences.

Training program. How to make

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