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Incredible form of folk Mr. Olympia 3 weeks before the show in Las Vegas

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Roelly Winklaar 2019

People's Mr Olympia, Rolly Winklaar, is one of the best bodybuilders on the stage of the 2019 competition season. Before the central posing in Las Vegas, the athlete decided to show some poses to prove why such a title is really deserved. 42-year-old Winklaar trained a lot in preparation for the September show. He is very knowledgeable about the stakes of this competition, since a new champion will be crowned there. That's why he does sports with other leading athletes such as William Bonac, with whom he is on the same sponsorship team. However, it is not necessary for Rollie to train with others to be successful. Winklaar posted a video of his form on Instagram to show his current physique 3.5 weeks before the main launch.

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Roelly is coming gigantic # Olympia2019

FitnessVolt Publication (@fitnessvoltnetwork)

Aug 20, 2019 at 10:23 PDT

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