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Increase the bench press: a detailed guide

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American weightlifters belong to the incredible record in the world of weightlifting. These guys knew how to increase the bench press, so in this article we examine the theory and let us examine the practice in the footsteps of their overseas counterparts.

The main phase of the bench press

Allocated 9 phases:

  • STRT is the start of the lift rod (a straightened hand, rod in the quiescent state).
  • MXVL – upon reaching the marked speed the biggest.
  • MXAL – the moment after squeezing back the achievements of the rod of the large acceleration.
  • CHST – time of achieving classified chest muscle groups.
  • MXAR – local maximum acceleration of the rod in an upward motion after reaching the chest.
  • MXVR local maximum lifting speed of the rod after reaching the muscles.
  • MNAR is a local maximum vertical acceleration of the rod after reaching the chest.
  • MNVR is a local maximum lifting speed of the rod after reaching the muscles.
  • END – completion of “lift” (arms extended, barbell alone).

Notice how the lifting phase, and then lowering the neck. The first is the direction of lowering.

The image reflects:

  • 2 the movement of the rod – inexperienced and professional body Builder in the bench press;
  • the path of the rod during vertical acceleration (model in images a and b).

Biomechanics of the bench press: how it works

The pictures below shows the muscle groups that take part in all phases.

In order to achieve effective development of the muscles of the breast and to maximize the use of your arms and shoulders, the rod describes a trajectory in the form of “arches”. Side well see how the rod is lowered along the same line, when the athlete squeezes the weight off the chest.

Athletes often resort to tricks in order to squeeze more weight – for example, stand on the bridge properly.

The spine in this case is vulnerable, and can easily be injured.

Often when the bench press bar athletes do bounce off the chest. Why is this happening? Among the main reasons for the following:

  • A – Loss of muscle control.
  • B – Excessively large weight.
  • C – Too rapid movement of the rod down.
  • D – the Rebound off the chest of inertia.
  • E – Physique performs negligible work.

Because of the rebound muscle fibers do not perform sufficient work to development, because the load intended for this exercise, is minimized, the execution occurs automatically. The weight of the chest when the bounce is removed because of 3 reasons – A, B, C.

Rod falls with all his weight on the chest pretty quickly, jumps up and embraces the muscles of the chest, arms and shoulders to launch up.

Many of the errors that are committed by athletes (rebound and a bridge), is a frequently cited ways to increase bench press barbell lying. Below we give some practical recommendations how to do it without harm for health.

Practical advice for increasing bench press

A person’s personality can be traced not only in personal qualities, but also in the structure of bone tissue, the prevalence/backlog of any muscles, plus physiological features.

Thus, it is important to take into account the anthropometry: if it is not the classic body structure, it is difficult to implement standard versions of the bench press:

  • “trecasali” – with elbows pinned to the torso;
  • “chest” – shoulder Department, hands at 90 degrees to the torso.

There is an intermediate styles, and in the plate you can look comfortable for yourself, it will be the first Council to enhance the results of the bench press.

Tips on technique

  • Don’t get attached to the standard technique, as each of us is an individual. Knowledge of classical methods is not bad, but you can look for more convenient methods of execution. Try everything from the table and thus pick up his equipment.
  • To improve performance in the bench press and the development of lagging muscle groups auxiliary exercises to use. If you know what “boosting” of the rod is difficult for you to perform, then proceed to the development of compression of the muscles or triceps. The front lifts with a barbell or dumbbells, plus, the military press will increase the front deltoids.
  • Often athletes have resorted to various handy tools: whetstones platform is placed on the chest and body bar, take in hand and put under some angle.
  • In the simulator Smith rod has a clear path, and that means you don’t have to control her movement. Allow it to relax and increase the bench press.
  • If there is no equipment in the gym, use the uprights of the bench. Quickly take off the fingerboard, straightening the arms at 100% without losing attention behind the bar. Then gradually lower on the strut rod.
  • “Thoracic bridge”. Caving in the spinal column, shoulders, head and ass on the bench, so connects the bottom of the chest muscles stronger to work. You reduce the distance, moves heavy stamp on the simplified line and spend less energy. The released energy will need to take more weight.
  • Increase bench press “nervous” methods

    Below are a group of techniques based on the Central nervous system and contractile muscle. The brain controls the biomechanics of the bench press, it determines the number of fibers involved in the work to overcome the weight. The number of participating fibers depends on the force of contraction.

    The weight that you are able to raise, is chosen depending on:

  • the number of involved nervous fibers;
  • the strength of the nerve signal;
  • the pain threshold of the receptors;
  • speed of muscle contraction.
  • Thus, to increase the efficiency of the muscles, you need to teach:

  • muscles to a rapid reduction;
  • the brain and muscle fibers for heavy loads.
  • Pump the relationship of “brain muscle” will help tips:

  • Static voltage. Doing bench press with 60 percent of the weight of the maximum, it is important to gradually lower the weight for 20 seconds. After the barbell touch your chest, squeeze it up. Do 5 repetitions in each of the 3 sets.
  • Press with incomplete amplitude. You need to take a load of 3 kg on average more than the maximum and do 3 sets, each with 4 repetitions. At the bottom (five centimetres from the muscle groups of the chest) hold your rod. Insurance will need an assistant.
  • A single repetition (different singles). To start, set the maximum weight on the fretboard (note over 95%) for 1 repetition and do 3-4 approach. You will then need a long recovery, takes 5-7 days, and, therefore, do not use this method more than 2 times per 30 days.
  • The development of speed muscles.
  • In order to teach muscle groups to reduce quickly, you need to use a 50-60 % weight and do 3 sets with maximum repetitions.

    Rest between sets is two minutes.

    There are plenty of advice, but now you’re armed with information and ready to overcome “iMovie plateau” with the new tools and any chips.;

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