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In the Czech Republic, gyms have earned from today

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The long-awaited date for Czech citizens on May 11, related to the opening of fitness centers in the Czech Republic, which was stipulated in the framework of measures against the spread of COVID-19, was not final. The government of the country has left room for its adjustment, depending on how the data on the number of infected people on Easter holidays changes. Fortunately, the announced black scripts did not come true, and the positive development of events allowed us to make a decision on a faster pace of return to normal life. Fitness centers and gyms were opened to the public 2 weeks earlier, that is, on Monday, April 27. However, visitors will not be able to use locker rooms and showers and nothing has changed in the obligation to cover their mouth and nose with protective equipment. The rules for public gyms starting April 27 are as follows:
Limit the presence of customers so that the distance between them is at least 2 meters, and for every 10 m 2 there is no more than 1 client. Changing rooms and showers cannot be used. Entrance and exercise only with respiratory protective equipment. Ensure the disinfection of simulators and accessories after use by each client. Permanently disinfect places where customers meet. Provide hand disinfection for staff and customers. Clients will perform mandatory hand disinfection before and after the general completion of the exercise. Selling only packaged drinks and packaged products. Use the air conditioner only with separate air supply and exhaust. Individual training can be carried out only in a one-on-one mode. In the halls for group exercises without personal contact, mark the places for training so that the required distance between individual athletes is maintained at least 2 meters. Adjust the schedule so that the rooms are cleaned, aired and disinfected. Despite the fact that these conditions are limiting for athletes, many will probably be glad to have the opportunity to work out in the gym again, although you will have to wait a bit longer for the truly full-fledged services that you are used to in sports clubs.
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