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In either eye: 10 reasons why you Wake up in the night

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1. I have to pee

If before bedtime drink a lot of fluids — not surprising. But if you and pulls to the toilet for no apparent reason, in the body can be broken the balance of water and electrolytes. A lot of water and a little salt? Will have to remove the excess water!

Solution: half an hour before bedtime drink a glass of water with a pinch of salt.

2. The room heat

This can interfere with normal sleep. Air temperature, clothing, or lack thereof, the material of the bed sheets and blankets — everything matters.

Solution: the ideal temperature is 18-21 degrees. You can take a warm bath before bedtime, to bed skin has cooled down a bit and the brain has received a command to “sleep”.

3. Are you depressed

Even mild depression can interfere with sleep. Negative thoughts, concern, lack of energy — all this gives normal sleep.

Solution: it is important to discuss these symptoms with your doctor. They can also be an indicator of the onset of menopause or some hormonal failures.

4. You love the social network

If you’re in bed, scroll through other people’s posts, it also affects the sleep. Thus you prevent the body to produce melatonin.

Solution: decrease the light in the room and do not include gadgets an hour before bedtime. In addition, keep them away from your face.

5. You get older

Biological clock start to “stray” after about 40 years. Many people start to sleep less. 60 can get up 2 hours earlier than in 30.

Solution: try to adjust to the new sleep schedule. Try going to bed early because we often don’t notice just sleepy tired, work late, and then still can’t sleep.

6. Do you drink alcohol before going to bed

It has a sedative effect, so you fall asleep quickly, but in a phase of deep sleep to fall — and wakes up.

Solution: try to finish with the alcohol for a couple of hours before bedtime so the body has time to digest.

7. Breathing problems

If you have a stuffy nose (Allergy or SARS), you’re not very good sleep at night. But there are other factors that hinder constantly: nasal polyps, tonsillitis, too much language. A study showed that about 90% of people waking up in the night suffering from breathing problems.

Solution: try to sleep on your side, not on the back.

8. Apnea

A short delay of breathing during sleep interfere with sleep not only men who are overweight, but women with regular, especially during menopause. From apnoea affects about 17% of women, but 85% of them did not receive this diagnosis.

Solution: consult a doctor, get tested sleep, then will be prescribed treatment.

9. Problems with the thyroid

Diseases of the thyroid gland can lead to hormonal issues and sleep disorder.

Solution: visit an endocrinologist and find out what it is and how to treat it.

10. Stress

Stress can greatly interfere with sleep, causing insomnia occurs night rises.

Solution: stress can be combated with relaxation techniques and various types of psychotherapy.

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