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IFBB Wellness Vanessa Batista dies in car crash

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The bodybuilding community is shocked by the news that IFBB Wellness athlete Vanessa Batista has crashed in a car accident. She was only 31 years old. The native of Portugal represented her country with dignity, competing as a member of the wellness division. She inspired girls and women to be able to change their physical form, even after the birth of two children. This, combined with her role as a teacher and aide to other women, was seen as a super positive impact on the fitness community. Unfortunately, Vanessa Batista's life ended tragically. She was reportedly driving her car when an oncoming truck crashed. The impact of this head-on collision completely destroyed her vehicle and killed Vanessa instantly. As for the other vehicle, the driver escaped with minor injuries. These dire messages were confirmed on the IFBB Portugal Facebook page. “Today is a sad day for the bodybuilding world, we are full of condolences to all family and friends. Rest in Peace, Vanessa” It cannot be overstated how difficult this news is, not only for the community, but also for the family she left behind. Batista had two children and also a husband. Information about the circumstances of the incident was not disclosed, but a photograph was published showing the extent of the damage. As a performing athlete, she embodied almost all of the best qualities. Obviously, she had many plans for the future, which, unfortunately, will no longer be able to be realized.
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